Ring Indoor Cam review

The Ring Indoor Cam is a simple wired security camera with Full HD video and two-way audio

Ring Indoor Cam
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Digital Camera World Verdict

The Indoor Cam by Amazon-owned Ring is a wired, indoor security camera with desirable features like Full HD video, infrared night vision, two-way audio and configurable motion sensing, and represents excellent value for money. It uses the Ring smartphone app for iOS and Android to alert its owner to movement. Viewing recorded video requires a $3/£2.50 Ring Protect monthly subscription.


  • +

    Simple and compact design

  • +

    A low price considering the features

  • +

    Full HD with infrared night vision


  • -

    Subscription needed to view recorded video

  • -

    Cannot be powered by battery

  • -

    Mediocre speaker quality and volume

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Amazon-owned Ring is best known for its video doorbells, but the company also sells a range of indoor and outdoor security cameras. The current product collection starts with the Indoor Cam, which as the name suggests is a security camera designed to be used indoors, and which is priced at an accessible £49.

The camera is compact, simple to set up and use, records high definition video, has a microphone and speaker for two-way audio, and includes more advanced features like night vision and configurable motion sensing technology.


Resolution: 1080p Full HD
Field-of-view: 140 degrees
Two-way audio: Yes
Battery: No
Night vision: Yes
Configurable motion sensing: Yes

Key features

(Image credit: Amazon/Ring)

Given the low price, this isn’t a security camera packed full of features, but it does a great job of covering the basics. Being part of the Ring ecosystem is a big deal here, as it means the Indoor Cam uses the same smartphone app as all other Ring devices. Buy several cameras and a video doorbell, and the app becomes a one-stop-shop for smart home surveillance and security.

The camera records in 1080p Full HD; impressive given the low price tag and how some rivals opt for the lesser 720p HD resolution. We also like how the compact camera has infrared night vision, producing clear greyscale footage even when there is no natural light. A 140-degree lens makes for a good viewing angle, which is a key feature to consider when shopping for a security camera.

A microphone and speaker mean the Ring Cam Indoor can handle two-way audio. This is generally more useful for outdoor cameras, where you can interact with someone outside. But for an indoor camera it can still be convenient as a way to check in on your children from another room, or interact with a pet while away from home.

Motion activation can be enabled and configured so that only movement in a certain part of the camera’s view sends a notification to your phone and commences recording. 

It is worth remembering that to view, save and share recorded videos you need to subscribe to Ring Protect, which starts at $3/£2.50 per month. The camera comes with a 30-day free trial. If you do not subscribe, only a live video feed can be viewed through the Ring app.

Build and handling

(Image credit: Amazon/Ring)

The Indoor Cam is compact, at 45.8 x 45.8 x 75mm, and slightly more when attached with an adjustable ball-and-socket joint to the included stand. It is subtle enough to be tucked into the corner or a room without being a distraction. There is no way to mount it to a wall, unless you take a DIY approach or sit it on a shelf.

This camera is powered by a wall outlet, as there is no battery, so this will affect where you choose to position it in your home. It also needs to be within Wi-Fi range of your router.


(Image credit: Amazon/Ring)

The Ring Indoor Cam works very well. Setup is quick and easy, the Ring app notifies you almost instantly when motion is detected, and the app contains a tutorial to help guide new users.

Picture quality is impressive at all times of day and night, and we liked the wide-angle lens. We also like how rules can be set, where, for example, the camera is automatically switched off for certain periods during the day when it isn’t needed.

We were surprised at how complete this camera feels, given the low price, and it truly feels like a fully-fledged Ring product, with all the features and performance customers would expect.


(Image credit: Amazon/Ring)

The Ring Indoor Cam is all the security camera many homeowners will ever need. It is compact, simple to set up and use, records in good quality and includes night vision, motion sensing and two-way audio.

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