"Then an almighty great shouting match took place" — Have photographers become selfish and unimaginative?

Photo by Jeremy Walker
(Image credit: Jeremy Walker)

A year or two ago I was shooting long exposures on the beach at Swanage in Dorset, England. Rolling waves, wooden groynes and sparkling, pristine sand in my foreground. I had about ten feet of billiard table smooth, unspoilt sand in front of the camera and about thirty feet of empty beach behind me. 

A gentleman walking along the beach looked at me, looked at the camera and then proceeded to walk in front of me and through my shot, ruining the sand as he went. He knew full well what he was doing, the self-satisfied smug look on his face said it all.

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Jeremy Walker

Jeremy Walker is an award-winning professional photographer with many years of experience specialising in high-quality landscape and location photography from around the world for use by advertising, design, and corporate clients. A belief in 'quality is everything', a meticulous approach and a far-reaching vision and style serve Jeremy and his clients well.