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Nothing Phone (1) is unveiled

With as much hype as a new iPhone, new kids Nothing will be unveiling its first-ever smartphone today. Here's how to watch

Renders of the Nothing Phone (1)
(Image: © Nothing)

Starting from nothing, the unusually named tech start-up Nothing will be unveiling the full details on its first-ever smartphone today - which will simply be called the Nothing Phone (1).

A handset from a virtually unknown company (its only product to date has been a pair of wireless earbuds) might not seem big news. But Nothing is the company founded by Carl Pei - who was the man who established OnePlus as a key brand in the cellphone industry. 


So what do we know about the Nothing Phone (1) so far? Quite a lot as it happens. Some of the key features and specs are:

So why just the two rear cameras? "Unlike what some brands would have you believe, quality doesn’t mean more cameras", Nothing replies. "So Phone (1) has just two cameras. Two superb ones. Not four mediocre ones."

Just 15 minutes to go until the official launch… 

Great picture now one the YouTube channel - but something is wrong with the audio. Hope Nothing gets that sorted before the start!

The image shows the front of The Electric Rooms cafe in West Norwood, London. If you want to see more images of this traditional English eaterie, see the cafe's Instagram feed:

Phew - the audio problem has been solved.

Carl Pei himself is on screen - inside the cafe...

The Glyph interface - what does it do says Carl.

Made from recycled aluminum, and biodegradable plastics. Even the tin used for solder is recycled. 

It has in-built Tesla connectivity - so you can turn on your air-conditioning with your Nothing Phone. Sounds useful, for a small minority.

500 engineers have been busy fixing the bugs, and closing Jira tickets we are told.

So just two cameras... and both have 50 megapixel sensors. So that is much better than the rumors said - giving a superwide that has same resolution as the main camera.

Video recording is in 4K - and has a blinking red tally light (just like a broadcast camera, hey).

Uses a flexible OLED - to create a more symmetrical bezel design than usual with an Android phone. But this does mean the cost doubles (ouch!).

Snapdragon 778G+ processor. The battery is 4500mAh with 30W charging, 15W wireless charging, and 5W reverse charging.

There is a black option - as well as white

Bad news is that it is not going on sale in the US or Australia :(

DCW's own mobile phone review, Basil Kronfli, gives his first thoughts on the Nothing Phone 1

Interesting to note that the Nothing Phone will be sold through Amazon in a number of countries - so that may well be the reason Nothing chose the height of the Amazon Prime Day camera deals frenzy as the time to launch its first handset!

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