You wouldn't leave your lens uncovered, so why leave your kit (or yourself) uncovered?

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Being a professional photographer or videographer means you have to minimize mistakes. If you’re a wedding shooter, you can’t afford to miss “the ring shot” or the first dance. If you’re an event photographer, you can’t afford to be late and miss the show. And no matter what kind of shooter you are, you can’t afford not to have the right insurance.

With DSLRs, mirrorless cameras and cinema kit being so expensive, and the industry being so competitive, some photographers might feel that insurance is something they can scrimp on – or even avoid altogether. 

If you still think you can get away without insurance, think again! Pitfalls for pros can involve everything from expensive equipment replacements to costly legal battles – and that’s why Ripe Photography offers unpackaged insurance to provide cover options that we think you’ll need. And with a 25% introductory discount for the Black Friday period, now is the time to make sure you're covered!

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4 serious risks for pros – and the cover you should consider

Equipment damage
Obviously,  your kit is the lifeblood of your business – and a photographer’s tools are among the most expensive of those in any trade. Travelling to and from jobs, not to mention all the running around on jobs, increases the risk of your gear getting damaged.
Cover needed: Camera & photography equipment cover

Property damage
It’s not just your kit that you have to take care of! Working in public and private locations alike (especially for wedding photographers, at luxury or historic venues) means that you need to be aware of the risk of potentially damaging third party property or injuries to someone else while you are working. You’re responsible and therefore you should consider having the right protection for you and your business for any claims made against you!
Cover needed: Public liability (required for some venues)

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Professional negligence
Despite every best effort, many pros are caught out by actions that may be deemed negligent. Giving incorrect instruction or poor advice to your client, for example; unintentionally losing documents, data, money or goods; even defamation or libel.
Cover needed: Professional indemnity

Other risks
Photographers are paid to document important, sometimes once-in-a-lifetime events. So, if an emergency takes place and you are unable to take pictures, if something catastrophic happens like your camera is stolen or your card corrupts, or if your client is unhappy with the images, the customer may refuse to pay – or even take you to court.
Cover needed: Legal expenses & professional indemnity

(Image credit: Ripe Insurance)

Where can you get the right insurance?

Ripe Photography offers all the above cover in an unpackaged format – which means that you can choose to buy only the cover you actually need, at a competitive price with excellent customer service. 

Build your own policy whether you need cover for your camera or equipment, cover abroad, public liability, accidental damages, professional indemnity, employers’ liability… it’s all online, quick and easy. And right now Ripe is offering a special 25% introductory discount off the premium over the Black Friday period. 

Click here to get a quote and cover you and your kit today!

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