My dog absolutely hates this pet camera

Enabot EBO Air review
My dog hates this pet camera (Image credit: Beth Nicholls)

Friend or foe? My dog Tilly is still figuring this out as she gets to grips with having the adorable little Enabot EBO Air robot pet camera watching her every move. Easily one of the best pet cameras on the market, I was super excited to test out this camera and keep an eye on my dog while away at work. 

Things started off pretty smoothly when I first introduced my furry best friend to this helpful companion robot, and she seemed wary but intrigued by this device for the first few days - until things got ugly

Tilly is a fluffy Double Doodle and for the most part, is very calm-natured and chill, always sleeping or eating. Not even two years old, I had a feeling that my woofer would want to play and interact with EBO, which is exactly what the little robot is designed for, but I don't think it will be able to last much longer if she keeps carrying it around in her mouth upside down.

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I think the trouble began when EBO would venture off on its own or make noises when nobody was home, understandably confusing Tilly, wondering how the heck this thing could move around all by itself, the house is her territory after all! Things got worse when I tested out the two-way communication and microphone features of the EBO, as Tilly could then hear my voice but couldn't find me in the house. 

My usually sleepy and docile woofer was soon at war with this robot as things began to escalate. Is it jealousy? Confusion? Pure hatred? It was hard to tell if Tilly was genuinely having fun pawing at this little robot, but if any animal behavior experts out there have the answer then please let me know! 

As you can see from the video above, Tilly and EBO are definitely not friends anymore. Luckily, the EBO Air can absolutely take a beating - and there still isn't even a scratch on it now, despite her pawing and biting at the camera constantly. 

This is pretty reassuring for anyone looking to purchase an Enabot EBO robot that they can be pretty sturdy and durable, although if you have a pet that you feel may react the same way as Tilly, it's probably best avoided. 

Not even at night could EBO escape the wrath of Tilly, having to avoid her by hiding under the living room pouffe to escape her attacks. The night vision infrared camera on the EBO Air works perfectly, and captures great detail despite the super dark and near pitch-black surroundings. 

It's safe to say that EBO has now been packed away, at least until after the festive season when the decorations come down and there's no Christmas tree for EBO to get stuck under and wind up Tilly even further. 

Hopefully, they'll become civil with each other eventually, and I never use EBO's microphone function to talk with Tilly anymore as it just confuses her into thinking I'm home and isn't fair. 

A perfect Christmas present for a relative who works away from home, the EBO Air really does have it all, although if I'm being picky - compatibility with smart speakers such as Alexa and Google home would really be the cherry on the cake.

I'd definitely recommend this camera to anyone wanting a fun way to entertain their pet when away from home, but be cautious that it may cause them stress and isn't suited to every pet or household.

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Beth Nicholls
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