DCW Unwrapped: watch us unwrap awesome photo presents from Saal!

DCW Unwrapped (Saal)
(Image credit: James Artaius)

As photographers, we spend our personal and professional time conceptualizing, capturing and creating stunning images. Which is why, at this time of year, there's no better gift to give – or to receive – than one featuring stunning photographs that really mean something to you and your loved ones.

Whether it's seeing your incredible portfolio shots being brought to life like never before, or sharing magical photographic memories with family and friends in a completely new way, we should liberate our photos from phones and hard drives and make incredible gifts of them. 

This is where Saal comes in, with its amazing range of high-quality photo products that are unique, exclusive and personalized. From photo books for families to professional portfolios for photographers, and advent calendars to fine art prints, there is something for every body, every photograph and every occasion – especially this holiday season. And if you order right now with express delivery you can receive your gifts in time for Christmas! (Check out the delivery times on the Saal website.)

And if you're outside the United States, you can check out Saal in the UK and in the EU as well.

Saal sent us a huge pile of mystery photo gifts, and in the videos below you can join us as we unwrap each one and see what's inside! 

"Heavy usually means good," and as you can see by the look on our presenter's face, this one is very good indeed! From the jaw-dropping acrylic cover to the super slick layflat binding, this will wow anyone who sees it.
See it on the Saal website

This "nice, weighty, firm feeling kind of package" is a perfect gift for everybody – but especially for family members, as a way to share memories, travel buddies as a way to commemorate your travel adventures, or even partners and romantic interests to put collate all your lovey dovey images rather than leaving them all on social.
See it on the Saal website

"I hope it's supposed to sound like that…" well, thankfully it is supposed to sound like that! This one is brilliant for kids, parents and grandparents, but would also make a fantastic promotional item for your business or side hustle.
See it on the Saal website

"This one is very very light," but that's great because it means you can fill it with whatever you want! Whether it's yummy chocolates, fun nik-naks, motivational notes or even shiny things, this is yours to inject with whatever joy takes your fancy.
See it on the Saal website

"It's thin, but not that thin" – indeed, it contains 12 months of memories! Personalize it for your home study, your office at work, your grandparents' kitchen, or even the walls belonging to your clients and customers as a brilliant promotional piece.
See it on the Saal website

It's "heavy, feels very substantial", and it's the most unique photo gift that we've ever seen! Definitely one to encourage us to sharpen our macro skills (as well as our knives) and get practicing our food photography.
See it on the Saal website

"It's little and it's heavy" – and it even boasts an optical illusion! This is a beautiful gift that will be at home on a dressing table, office desk, an upmarket bookcase or even on the mantelpiece.
See it on the Saal website

"This one is small but mighty," and it's one of the most touching ways you can send holiday wishes to friends, family, colleagues or clients, all with your very own personal touch.
See it on the Saal website

This one is fun for kids of all ages! Again, it would make a super creative promotional gift for a small business looking to send something cool to clients, but we're sure that no one will appreciate it more than kids on Christmas morning.
See it on the Saal website

Make sure to check out the Saal website for even more great ideas for gifts, along with a breakdown of production and delivery times to ensure that you get your gifts exactly when you need them. 


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