Lee Little Stopper filter review

Lee Little Stopper filter review

The Big Stopper has been a staple of landscape photographers everywhere. Is Lee’s new filter, the Lee Little Stopper just as good? Find out in our review.

Lee Little Stopper filter review

With a ten stop exposure reduction, Lee’s original Big Stopper is designed to allow much longer exposure times, but at dawn and dusk it can be too much.

The new Lee Little Stopper is rated at six stops – it will extend an exposure of 1/250 sec to 1/4 sec, say.

In order to ensure that no light leaks between filter and holder, a thin foam pad is fitted to one side of the glass, forming a perfect seal.

This pad also helps to hold the filter in the holder securely while still enabling its easy removal.

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Measuring 100 x 100mm, the Little Stopper uses the standard Lee filter holder, rather than the more common and smaller P-type.

This means that you’ll need to invest in the Lee Foundation Kit along side the filter, but it is a set that will last a lifetime.

Lee has recently changed the packaging for both the Big and Little Stopper: both now arrive in a foam-lined metal tin to ensure that the pricey filter is protected while it isn’t in use.

Price: $140, £99

Score: 4/5


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