DCW Reader Review: the Sony Xperia Z5 camera – Autumn (Sponsored)


We were given three of Sony’s new Xperia Z5 phones and hand-picked some tech-savvy readers to test its powerful new camera. We reached out to our community and asked for three willing participants to use the Xperia Z5 to shoot two subjects: cityscapes and autumn. Powered by its amazing 23-megapixel sensor, the Sony Xperia Z5… Continue reading

Top 5 short films shot on Nikon DSLRs

'Joy Ride' still, shot on a Nikon D800 | via www.nphotomag.com

Although a number of Nikon DSLRs have video recording capabilities, we understand that many of you would rather shoot still images rather than moving pictures. However, as we’ve often stumbled across some absolutely beautiful short films shot using Nikon DSLRs, we decided to put together a post featuring five of the best Nikon films.