The 9 best cameras for shooting landscapes

Dramatic landscape photography: the secret to adding impact with natural light

Landscape photography is one of the most popular genres, and there are photographers who dedicate huge parts of their life to getting the perfect shot of a scene. These committed individuals are happy to carry large camera kits and tripods to ensure they get the very best image quality that they can.

There are also lots of people who like to combine landscape photography with walking or cycling or many other outdoor pursuits, who want something a bit smaller and lighter to take their photographs. In their latest guest post the team at Photoventure gathered together a list of cameras that would suit these two tribes as well as those in between.

Hyperfocal focusing: how to calculate the best distance to focus at

Hyperfocal focusing: how to calculate the best distance to focus at

Knowing how to calculate hyperfocal distance isn’t actually as complex as its technical name implies, but mastering this important photography technique can make all the difference to your photography. Here we answer all of the common questions photographers have about hyperfocal focusing.

Blur moving clouds with an ND filter: how to calculate exposures in 4 easy steps

How to blur moving clouds: 01 Choose a filter

Using long exposures to blur moving water is a classic technique, but a similar technique can also be used to great effect to blur scudding clouds. In this tutorial we show you how to calculate exposures with your ND filter to blur moving clouds, giving more impact to your landscape photography.