Gallery: Detroit Liquor Stores by Jon de Boer


Jon de Boer’s Flickr set ‘Detroit Liquor Stores’ caught our eye. Run-down liquor stores at night are not something that instantly leaps to mind when thinking of a subject to photograph, yet these images are intriguing – they represent something of the culture of the area, and as a collective set they become fascinating to look at.

Pinterest, Flickr join forces to improve photo credits

Flickr, Pinterest join forces to improve photo credits

A new joint effort between Flickr and social networking site Pinterest aims to improve the attribution of photographers’ images.

Flickr announced the move on its blog, stating: “We’ve worked closely with Pinterest to make it even easier for you to share to Pinterest in a way that will ensure that your Flickr photos are properly attributed, regardless where they are pinned from.”

Video: how to share photos on Flickr and Facebook via Photoshop Elements

How to share photos on Facebook and Flickr via Photoshop Elements

Despite all the fuss over the recent announcements of Photoshop CS6 and its new features, it’s worth remembering that Photoshop Elements is also quite a powerful piece of software. And a fraction of the CS6 price tag!

In the short video tutorial below, we show you how you can use some of Photoshop Elements’ new sharing options to post photos on Flickr and Facebook and start doing more with your photos.

Flickr to increase photo file size ‘within weeks’

Flickr photo file size to increase

Flickr has announced it will be increasing the photo file sizes it allows users to upload, as a response to increasingly high-resolution cameras on the market.

Currently, free Flickr users can upload files of up to 15MB, which rises to 20MB for pro members. The new file limits have yet to be finalised.

Flickr gets a facelift

Flickr to get a revamp

Photo-sharing giant Flickr will be brought up-to-date with an image-centric makeover, starting at the end of the month.

The current haphazard, text-heavy design will be replaced by bigger images and a cleaner, justified arrangement that has been likened to Pinterest.