Android vs iPhone: which is best for photographers?

Android vs iPhone: which is the best platform for photographers?

Android or iPhone, you ask? It’s up there with ‘Canon vs Nikon’ among the most hotly contested questions of our digital age. We all know that a DSLR is ideal, but we also know that the best camera is the one you have on you.

With this in mind, our Android vs iPhone comparison aims to find out which platform offers the most creativity and control for serious photographers.

Samsung Galaxy NX camera preview

Samsung Galaxy NX camera preview

Our testing team takes a look at the Samsung Galaxy NX features and what it offers photographers in their preview of this new Samsung Android camera.

13 best Android paid apps for photographers

Best Android Paid Apps 11. HDR Camera+

Your mobile device is a great tool for photography. Whether you’ve got a mobile phone or a tablet, both can come in incredibly handy both for taking pictures or working with and sharing those you take on your “real” camera. We’ve already explored the best free Android photo apps for your mobile device. In this follow-up post we take a look at the photo apps for Android you’ll actually want to splash out on.

New Android camera app offers 16 creative filters

The Camera MX Android camera app offers 16 different filters

The Camera MX free Android camera app from MAGIX MX offers creative filters such as sepia, negative or Lomo effects.