9 creative photo ideas to try in November


9 creative photo ideas to try in NovemberAs part of our ongoing series to help you get more creative with your digital camera, each month we publish some fun, seasonal, creative photo ideas to help inspire your imagination.

Along with some amazing images, we’ve also provided some quick photography tips by photographers who are experts in these fields.

For November we aim to have you out and about honing your night photography skills by shooting cityscapes at dusk, far away galaxies, the depths of the earth and everything in between!

We’ll also share plenty of night photography tips and tricks for using long exposures to help you get started.

01 Shoot split-second splash photography


Photo Ideas: Master split-second splash photography

Photographer Giles Angel took the image below as part of a personal project. “I used water, milk, a melamine cup and a  piece of Perspex as the base of the set-up,” he explains.

To light his images, Giles set up three Quantum Q flashlights and says that when lighting water it’s important to consider reflections. “Highlight and shadow areas are needed to give the liquid form.”

To ensure Giles kept his Nikon D3 clean from the splashing liquid he used a 24-120mm zoom lens set at 90mm. He also kept his aperture at f/18 to keep the image sharp from front to back.

You want to focus on the mid- point of the still liquid in the full cup and then lock the focus by switching the lens to manual focus.

Instead of syncing the shutter speed with his flash units, Giles blacked out his studio space and opened the shutter by putting the camera on Bulb. “The shutter stayed open in the dark and was shut after the flash and the water had been dropped,” he explains.

“This removes the problem of syncing the shutter speed with the lights, but if you have your modelling lights switched on it can cause light leaks, which will ruin your shots.”

Giles finally offers a message of safety. 
“If you are using strobes very close to the subject, you need to protect the bulb with some diffusion, such as Perspex or a softbox. Water and hot bulbs don’t mix!”

Get started today…  

  •  Set up your shoot in a dark space.
  •  Timing of the flash and liquid are key, so set these off together. You can create a splash by throwing something into the cup or pouring more liquid from a height. You may need an assistant to help you time this correctly.
  •  There are lots of wasted shots in this type of photography, so be patient and enjoy yourself. Have a cloth to hand, too, as photographing splashes will get messy!

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