Forget shooting raw? How to use JPEGs to save time and space

Home photo studio photography: shoot raw files

Home photo studio photography: shoot raw files

Forget shooting raw. Yes, you heard us. Go against your instincts and forget about shooting raw format. Just for a minute.

By shooting lightly compressed, high-quality JPEGs instead, you’ll develop the correct shooting discipline, master exposure and save yourself time in the editing suite.

Follow our advice to get the most from your camera’s JPEGs.

6 ways shooting JPEGs can save you time and space

Colour space
Set Adobe RGB for maximum compatibility when it comes to printing your photos.

On a scale of one to ten, somewhere between five and eight should be fine. Images on the computer should appear sharp and clear without harsh pixelation.

Your camera can increase colour saturation to eye-watering levels – to avoid garish colours, keep it natural and don’t go too far.

Some cameras have more adjustments than others, but this is one you’ll want to leave unchanged, as it alters the colour spectrum and can throw colours way off.

This is one adjustment we all make in the digital darkroom, so increase this setting for really deep blacks and more punchy images.

Leave this at the SLR’s default setting. Images may appear washed out and lack contrast otherwise.


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