‘In the NVIDIA Studio’ is here to showcase how fast your workflow could be

First Sight by Yangtian Li
First Sight by Yangtian Li (Image credit: Yangtian Li)

It’s just you, your camera, and the world in front of you — until you get back to your computer and have to begin the editing process, anyways! With NVIDIA Studio and the computational power of NVIDIA’s RTX graphics hardware, the tedious editing side of your workflow can be significantly smoother, letting you enjoy the creative process without technology standing in your way.

The NVIDIA Studio platform with RTX graphics can simplify and streamline a wide variety of processes by having AI and hardware acceleration do the heavy lifting. When you want to print larger than your original photo resolution might be suited for, NVIDIA “Super Resolution” can upscale your image at a high quality, using AI to intelligently fill in the gaps.

For quick touch-ups to photos, you can see a sharpened picture in a flash with “Enhance images,” which will process multiple pictures in one large batch. GPU acceleration on RTX graphics processors can speed the enhancement up to 5x over CPU processing. 

Tasks like selecting subjects or selecting the sky in a photo, which can often require some careful tweaking and a steady hand, are simplified to the click of a button with NVIDIA Studio, letting you quickly make complex masks for your edits. You can even edit faces in a flash with “Neural Filters,” which leverages AI to near-instantaneously change the apparent age of the subject, the direction their head is facing, the mood  their expression, and much more.  

All of these types of edits and tweaks that could take you minutes to hours, further compounded when working with many photos, are simplified and streamlined with NVIDIA Studio’s resources. And that’s just a small taste of what the platform offers. Of course, with a wide variety of software, there are so many tools at your fingertips that it can be nearly impossible to keep up with them all. You might be missing out on features that could completely overhaul your workflow. So, to better help creators get a feel for all that’s under all the tools available to them and just what’s the hood of the NVIDIA Studio platform, NVIDIA has launched the In the NVIDIA Studio blog. 

In the NVIDIA Studio is a celebration of creators and their works. Each week, it will showcase a new artist who’s putting NVIDIA’s technology to work in their art. You’ll get to see just how the platform’s tools can work for you and find out about the latest updates and software integrations all while enjoying the brilliant art some of the best creators in a variety of fields are working on, like this week’s showcase featuring Yangtian Li.

Li works in Adobe Photoshop Classic with the power of a GeForce RTX 3090 and NVIDIA Studio at their back. 

Li is a concept designer and illustrator who has worked on some of the biggest video game franchises, including Call of Duty, Vainglory, and Magic the Gathering. Her art also appears in book illustrations and magazines.

Dreams of the Past by Yangtian Li

 Dreams of the Past by Yangtian Li.  (Image credit: Yangtian Li)

Li’s impressive portfolio features character portraits of strong, graceful, empowered women. Their backstories and elegance are inspired by her own life experiences and world travels.

View her portfolio and favorite projects on Instagram.

To keep up with the latest updates to NVIDIA Studio and see more amazing artists like Yangtain Li, their workflows, and get tips on how you can enhance your own workflow, check in on the In the NVIDIA Studio blog here every week. 

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