Three use cases that show why the Benro Theta is the ultimate smart tripod

Benro Theta
(Image credit: Benro)

 Whatever kind of photographer or videographer you are, Benro’s smart tripod can see you through your next shoot in style

If you’ve not heard of the Benro Theta already, you’re missing out. Following an exciting launch announcement in January, Benro has now launched a Kickstarter for its new, smart tripod. 

There are lots of incredibly exciting features that qualify the Theta as a truly smart tripod, from its one-button auto-leveling to its electronic modules that serve to boost the tripod’s functionality.

It’s a tripod every kind of photographer and videographer can appreciate for its many features and strengths, but here are three examples we think will let the Benro Theta truly shine.


(Image credit: Benro)

When you’re on a mission to capture a beautiful shot of nature at its finest, there’s one major thing you have to contend with: nature itself.

First, you’ve got to worry about the elements themselves. Everything from snow to sand can cause irreparable damage to your gear - but the Benro Theta is made of stronger stuff. The leg locks are all flip locks, which are far easier to clean fine debris like sand from when compared to twist locks, and the collars on each leg have a sealed aluminum collar to keep out sand and dust.

Shooting in the wild can result in a fair number of slips and trips, and tripods aren’t immune to similar battles with stability - with the exception of the Benro Theta, which has built-in automatic leg locks to keep your camera safe even on dubious terrains like sand, water and ice.

These leg locks also grant a particularly useful boon for wildlife photographers and videographers - the gift of speed. Every second counts out in nature, so it’s fantastic that the Theta can be deployed - and stored - in just 10 seconds. Simply twist the foot lock to unlock the sections and pull, and your tripod is ready to go.


There’s one thing traveling photographers and videographers simply can’t compromise on: compactness. 

It’s not easy to find a tripod that does everything. Often, a lightweight tripod will be prone to damage or suffer in other areas like stability.

Not in the case of the Theta. It’s structurally optimized to make sure not a single inch is wasted while still offering supreme strength and stability.

The aluminum central column of the Theta is trigonous - a contoured round tube with three equal concave parts shaped to snugly fit the tripod’s legs. In this design, Benro maintains the strength of the column while shaving unnecessary bulk from the tripod’s stashed form factor. 

Instead, the thick, round legs of the Theta are actually larger in diameter than the average tripod, but this is intentional to improve its stability.

(Image credit: Benro)

Live streaming

With the GoLive Module in tow, live streamers and videographers will find Theta to be the ultimate streaming companion. Gone are the days when smartphone camera quality was passable - nowadays, viewers expect crystal-clear, well-framed footage. 

With Theta, your DSLR or mirrorless camera can quickly and easily become part of your streaming setup. Simply plug the camera into the GoLive’s HDMI port, open the Theta app and you’re set to stream! 

The GoLive module can use cellular data to live stream on YouTube and Facebook, or you can use an RTMP (real-time messaging protocol) URL for other platforms. 

A tripod for all

Whether you’re a streamer ready to level up your video feed quality or take your camera on the road as a travel photographer, the Benro Theta is the perfect companion for the full spectrum of photographers and videographers.

If you support Benro’s Theta on Kickstarter today, you’ll get an exclusive early-bird special discount of up to 52% - a phenomenal saving you’re unlikely to see again! 

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