OneGo Backpack: stylish for professionals wherever, whenever

(Image credit: PGYTECH)

Designed for professional creatives whether on a photographic assignment, traveling or commuting, the OneGo Backpack from PGYTECH offers stylish storage that's easy to access, fully customizable, comfortable to wear, and offers protection and security. 

(Image credit: PGYTECH)

Ideal for photographers, DJI and drone users, as well as action cam shooters, the OneGo Backpack's inconspicuous design enables you to transition seamlessly from professional work to your everyday life. And if you pre-order now, you can save 10% on the perfect bag for all occasions. 

Efficient storage and easy access

The entire front front of the bag can be opened, giving you complete access to everything from your cameras to accessories – no matter where you put them! 

(Image credit: PGYTECH)

Pockets on both sides of the bag enable you to get to your equipment with ease, and is especially helpful when you're on the move – or even when you need an assistant or partner to retrieve a spare battery, a filter or a different lens.

(Image credit: PGYTECH)

The top lid of the bag features a magnetic instant buckle produced by Fidlock, designer of revolutionary magnetic fasteners, for convenient top-down accessibility of your gear. Great for those grab-and-go shots, whether you're on a working shoot or enjoying spontaneous travel photography. 

Professional protection, customizable organization

The OneGo Backpack features removable dividers, to customize your storage space according to your kit and your workflow. However, rather than using Velcro that sticks to everything and looks less professional, these dividers are attached with latches to the loops built into the main compartment – creating a more premium appearance.

(Image credit: PGYTECH)

It also features a number of specially designed pockets and compartments, tailored towards your additional accessories, devices and valuables. This includes a protective laptop pocket, made with commuters in mind, with a padded cushion that enables you to store a laptop and tablet. 

(Image credit: PGYTECH)

In addition, the dedicated battery pocket features a multi-functional magnetic battery power indicator, which also serves as a quarter-inch threaded quick release wrench.

(Image credit: PGYTECH)

The backpack also possesses a hidden pocket to keep your valuables safe, along with a magnetic pocket that's ideal for small items like sunglasses or spectacles, and an inner mesh pocket offers a way to keep items like notebooks within view. 

These pockets are accessible from both sides of the bag, and enable you to attach a strap in order to carry things like a water bottle or tripod. And the storage is designed to keep your possessions safe, whether using the inner front pocket (featuring a key clasp), card pocket or hidden bottom pocket.

(Image credit: PGYTECH)

Comfortable carrying system

The OneGo Backpack has been designed with an AirFiber back panel. This provides a breathable air-mesh that prevents moisture build-up when you carry the bag, and also serves to lighten the load. 

Its adjustable straps add yet another layer of customization to the bag, enabling you to adjust the fit for optimal comfort and stability. The sternum strap can be fastened for extra support, and there's also a waist strap when you need it. 

(Image credit: PGYTECH)

Perhaps most importantly, the shoulder straps are padded with Honeycomb Structured TPR. This innovative material is generally employed in high grade seating, conforming to your shoulders and reducing pressure by 50 percent.

(Image credit: PGYTECH)

Safety and security

It's not just the inside of the OneGo Backpack that's designed to keep your gear protected. The exterior of the bag is military grade, meaning that it's waterproof, shockproof, and dust and scratch resistant. So where other backpacks may let you down, the OneGo offers as much safety on the outside as it does on the inside. 

If also employs anti-theft YKK zippers, to ensure that your equipment is kept secure in crowded places. More than just protection, the outside of the pack is practical as well – the straps and the loop at the bottom can be used to attach photography accessories like tripods, or even other equipment such as sleeping bags.

(Image credit: PGYTECH)

For further information and to pre-order your the OneGo Backpack with at a 10% saving, visit the PGYTECH website

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