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MPB Wise Buys: Canon EOS M50 II with a 55-200mm lens

Canon EOS M50 Mark II with 55-200mm lens
(Image credit: Canon/MPB)

Buying a new camera system is just about that – the system. It’s all well and good getting a great body but, if it doesn’t have the lenses you need, it’s not going to do what you want it to. So if you want to make a Wise Buy, you need to consider the optics as well as the camera.

There are some great crop-sensor systems that offer you compact size without compromising quality, from Micro Four Thirds cameras like the Olympus PEN E-P7 to APS-C bodies like the Fujifilm X-T30. If you want a portable powerhouse that can even use your existing DSLR lenses, though, look no further than the Canon EOS M50 II with the Canon EF-M 55-200mm f/4.5-6.3 IS STM. 

Canon’s M50 series is probably the most popular mirrorless system ever made, having been a perennial bestseller ever since its release. The M50 II squeezes
a powerful 24.1MP APS-C sensor into an absolutely tiny chassis, putting serious power in your pocket. 

Not only can it rattle off 10 frames per second in burst mode, but it also boasts 4K video up to 24p or Full HD (1080p) up to 60p, complete with eye and face detection. Combined with the fully articulating screen, this has made it a huge hit with bloggers and content creators, but it’s also perfect for everyday, street, and travel photography – enabling you to take movies, high- or low-angle photos, or selfies quickly and easily.

The M50 II squeezes a powerful 24.1MP APS-C sensor into an absolutely tiny chassis, putting serious power in your pocket.

The Canon EF-M 55-200mm is the ideal complement, offering a smaller-than-a-soda-can sized lens that offers an effective focal range of 88-320mm in full-frame terms – meaning you can cover a whole lot of ground, whether you’re shooting portraits, distant landmarks while on holiday or if you need the reach to fill the frame with faraway wildlife at the zoo. It even features lens stabilization to compensate for any shake when shooting at long lengths.

Making the whole setup an even better buy still is picking it up used from MPB (opens in new tab) – the world’s largest online platform for buying, selling, trading in and upgrading used photo and video kit. Not only does this offer a more ecologically responsible way to buy cameras and lenses, but it also gets you much more bang for your buck.

Canon EOS M50 II (opens in new tab)

(Image credit: Canon)

Compact and light – but with a well-appointed feature set
MPB prices start at £539 (opens in new tab)

Any time, any place, anywhere – the Canon M50 II is small enough to always carry with you, yet powerful enough to always get the job done. Its 24.1MP sensor produces stills and 4K video that’s packed with detail, and the Dual Pixel CMOS AF with face and eye detect keeps everything locked in focus. 

With a fully articulating touchscreen and clean HDMI out, this is the camera of choice for vloggers all over the world. And not only does it support Canon’s ultra-compact EF-M lenses, but with an optional adapter you can also use existing EF glass – so if you have a Canon DSLR, this is a great companion camera that enables your lenses to do double duty.

Canon EF-M 55-200mm f/4.5-6.3 IS STM (opens in new tab)

(Image credit: Canon)

A versatile lens that's a great option for travel photography
MPB prices start at £209 (opens in new tab)

Small yet mighty, the Canon EF-M 55-200mm offers an equivalent field of view of 88-320mm in full-frame terms – and all in a lens that will fit into the palm of your hand. Measuring just 81 x 87mm and weighing in at a paltry 260g, this telephoto lens offers versatile and useful reach without weighing your bag – or your beautifully small camera – down. 

It boasts image stabilization to keep your shots steady when shooting at the long end and supports the swift, snappy autofocus performance that Canon’s Dual Pixel CMOS AF is known for. Better still, its stepping motor system is smooth and near-silent, making this a great option for when you’re filming video.

Why buy from – and sell to – MPB?

MPB website

(Image credit: MPB)

MPB logo

(Image credit: MPB)

MPB (opens in new tab) is the world’s largest online platform for buying, selling and trading (opens in new tab) used photography and videography equipment. It’s a much safer option than many used sellers or auction sites, as every product is individually inspected, photographed, and given a condition rating. 

It offers a free six-month warranty on all products, packages are always insured with a signature required on delivery, and with its 5-star TrustPilot rating, you can be sure that you’re dealing with a reputable and reliable company – one that recirculates 300,000 items of kit ever year.

The same customer commitment applies to selling to MPB, too. Online valuation is both free and commitment-free, your used gear is picked up from your doorstep free of charge, and friendly support is offered every step of the way. It’s never been easier or more sustainable to sell and trade-in your old gear.

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