Have you ever made a photobook? You really should. Here’s how to do it right

Saal Photobook
(Image credit: Saal Digital)

The process of printing photographs is just as involved and important as the process of taking them. Yet, so often, printing is the part that gets the least time and consideration. We’re too eager to just send our images to whoever is cheapest, or first on Google – and then, when we see the results, we get grumpy because the results aren’t what we expected.

When you take your photographs, you are micromanaging so many variables. Focal length, focal point, composition, compositional interest, depth of field, color temperature,  perspective… so why would the printing of your images be any less involved? Taking your shots isn’t a one-click process, and neither is presenting them in print. This is especially true when it comes to printing a photobook; just like taking or editing the photos themselves, this is a process that demands thought and deliberation. 

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