Content creator? Remote worker? You need Rotolight’s new video lighting kits!

Content creator? Remote worker? You need Rotolight’s new video lighting kits!
The Rotolight Ultimate Vlogging Kit (Image credit: Rotolight)

Whether you’re a remote working dialling into video conferences, an executive replacing the board room with your spare room, or a creator who wants the best quality content, the single most important part of your setup is the lighting. 

Content creators have long understood the need for great situational lighting, but for millions of people now working remotely it’s something they’ve never had to consider before. 

However, it’s just as true for vloggers as it is for VPs; you need a dedicated desktop lighting setup to create a professional appearance, whether you’re using a webcam on your computer or your smartphone for YouTubing. 

Thankfully Rotolight, the leader in the field of continuous LED lighting, has created two bespoke kits that provide the perfect solution: the Ultimate Vlogging Kit and the Video Conferencing Kit.

Ultimate Vlogging Kit

The Rotolight Ultimate Vlogging Kit can be set up anywhere or even used handheld (Image credit: Rotolight)

For content creators, the Ultimate Vlogging Kit offers a lightweight, portable rig that can be taken and set up anywhere – and even used handheld. Makeup tutorials, YouTube videos, Instagram content and even TikTok videos will drastically improve by adding quality lighting.

This kit is built around the award-winning Rotolight RL48 ring light, which achieves sumptuous and soft illumination that fills unflattering shadows. It also adds beautiful and distinct catchlights to your eyes, creating a look worthy of high-end productions. 

The light can also be modified with diffusion filters, skin tone filters, and even color temperature filters. This means you can soften the light, give your makeup an artificial boost, and get perfect lighting at any time of day.

Using the mini desktop tripod, universal smartphone mount and accessory bar, you can mount the light, any phone and even a microphone (not included) for an all-in-one video solution. And if you need to vlog on the go, the tripod can be used as a grip for those dynamic walking-talking pieces! 

Powered by three AA batteries (not included), giving you over four hours of continuous shooting, the Ultimate Vlogging Kit is ideal for creating great content wherever you go. 

Learn more about the Ultimate Vlogging Kit, or click here to buy

Video Conferencing Kit

Get clean, professional lighting with the Rotolight Video Conferencing Kit (Image credit: Rotolight)

It’s not just YouTubers who need good light, though. Maybe you’re one of the many people now working from home, and attending digital meetings via Zoom. Perhaps you’re an educator, hosting training and webinars on Bluejeans. Or you could be an executive, whose business lunches have been replaced by Skype sessions. 

Either way, you don’t want to be the person on the call with dark, grainy, low-fi video. Put your most professional foot forward and look your best, with the desk-based Video Conferencing Kit.

The award-winning Rotolight NEO 2 delivers powerful, adjustable light that creates the best virtual first impression. This high-quality, dimmable light eliminates shadows and can be electronically adjusted to produce the right amount of power, and the perfect color temperature – enabling you to get great video in daylight, mixed light and even sunset.

The height-adjustable desktop stand makes sure that your light is coming from the right position, and the 360-degree ballhead enables you to angle it perfectly for clean, corporate illumination – or more artistic lighting, if you prefer. The NEO 2 can be powered by mains or by six AA batteries (not included) for up to three hours, meaning you can easily take the light with you should you need to move your home working station. 

Again this kit comes with a four-piece filter set, with skin tone filters for a quick touch-up, a diffusion filter to soften the light even more, and color temperature filters to save you adjusting it manually. 

Learn more about the Video Conferencing Kit, or click here to buy.

Make the best virtual first impression with the Rotolight Video Conferencing Kit (Image credit: Rotolight)

Both the Ultimate Vlogging Kit ($89.00 / £66.65 / €79.00) and the Video Conferencing Kit ($299.00 / £208.32 / €269.99) are available to purchase from and at leading retailers now (prices exclude tax). 

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