Off-camera flash: 3 easy ways to fire your flashgun remotely

3 easy ways to use off-camera flash

Using off-camera flash is consistently one of the most challenging aspects of photography that we hear from readers. To help you along, we spoke to our trusted experts to find the three easiest ways to fire your flash remotely.

Bounce flash photography in 4 simple steps

Bounce flash photography techniques: 4 simple steps

Bounce flash photography. It sounds like a complicated procedure, one of those mythical flash techniques we try desperately to avoid.

We’ve all been there. You’re at a party or gathering and want to take a picture that captures the atmosphere of the moment. When shooting in low light, your first instinct is probably to use a tripod with a long shutter speed, or increase the ISO to shoot handheld.

Flash modes explained

Flash modes explained

Your SLR’s built-in flash is no match for a powerful, versatile flashgun, but
it can still be surprisingly useful. Here’s how to get the best out of your flash…

Photo ideas: photographing water splashes with flash

In addition to a DSLR and tripod, you need:

A glass container

Photo ideas: amazing water drop photography

Photo ideas: amazing water drop photography

Find out how to photograph water drops from our expert guide to water drop photography. Read the camera tips below for setting up a macro home photo studio, using your digital camera and editing in Photoshop to create fine art water drop photos …

Replicate a fill-flash effect in Photoshop

Find out how Photoshop’s Lighting Effects filter can be used to add a fill-in flash effect to under-exposed portraits When shooting a subject with the sun behind them, or stood against a bright, illuminated background, a little fill-in flash is essential to balance the exposure of your image. Without the powerful light produced by the… Continue reading

15 top tips for painting with flash

On these warm summer nights its worth staying out late, taking your flashgun along to some of your favou

Take fantastic creative photos in low-light

Master group indoor group portraits

Creative ideas for dramatic photos