Facebook unveils new filter facility for mobile

facebook filters

Facebook have now introduced filters to its non-smartphone app; one Sepia and one Grayscale. You might think that this had something to do with Facebook acquiring Instagram for the not-to-be-sniffed at sum of $1 billion, but you’d be wrong.

Your Facebook photos: The best of January 2012

Moraine Lake, by Truphotos

As more and more of you are sharing your photographs to our Facebook wall, we thought we would make the most of it and feature the best of each month on our website.

Your Facebook Photos: In honour of Australia Day

Melbourne Degraves St during the day. From Hany Kamel.

Australia Day nearly passed us by. It was only thanks to Twitter that we were altered to the fact that Australia Day is on 26th January. Fortunately the day wasn’t quite over; we still had time to ask our awesome community on Facebook to upload their best photographs of Australia, so all was not lost.