Photo ideas: photographing water splashes with flash

In addition to a DSLR and tripod, you need:

A glass container

Photo ideas: shoot creative light spirals at home

In addition to a DSLR and tripod, you need:

A small torch

What is a histogram: how to prevent poor exposures

Digital camera tips - histogram - good exposure

What is a histogram and why do I need to use one? Histograms can be your biggest asset once you get your head round what they are. In this primer we explain how to use your camera histogram to get the best exposure

Your camera histogram is a much more accurate way of judging whether a shot needs a bit more, or less, exposure. But it’s not just used for judging exposure: the shape and position of the histogram’s graph can also tell you about the contrast of the lighting in a scene. Below we’ve tackled some of the frequently asked questions about histograms to get you started using these helpful graphs to avoid poor exposures.

Pentax K-x Review

Pentax K-x Review: Overview

DSLR vs Micro Four Thirds: head to head review

Back in the heyday of film photography, film naturally needed to be kept in the dark – apart from when you were actually taking

Canon EOS 550D Review

What it doesn’t have is the 7D’s hefty alloy construction and eight frames per second (fps) Continuous Shooting mode.

Camera tips for cold weather photography

Heading out to photograph winter with your digital SLR? Find out how to protect your camera from the cold with these 10 essential DSLR tips… Digital SLRs don’t need regular maintenance. A professional camera that takes thousands of shots a week might benefit from annual servicing, but generally speaking, you can expect to use your… Continue reading

Customise your DSLR

Here are some of the best customisations you can make to your camera quickly and easily Setting up your camera with a few customisations will improve not only how easily you can use your system help you to deliver consistent images, it can reduce your personal irritation as well. Simple changes, like assigning frequently used… Continue reading