Download our FREE eBook – The Complete Dictionary of Photography!

Download our FREE eBook - The Complete Dictionary of Photography!

Are you often confused by some of the things your photographer friends say? To help you get up to speed (or maybe refresh some key terms) we put together this handy (and FREE!) eBook, The Complete Dictionary of Photography! This useful guide explains the meanings of dozens of photographic terms, from aberration to zoom ratio,… Continue reading

So you’ve just started out in photography? 16 universal truths

Best budget prime lens: 8 top optics tested and rated

There’s so much to take in when you start out in photography: rules for composition, exposure, digital workflow, image editing tricks and more.

But there are some less-obvious photographic truths that aren’t generally covered by photography technique guides.

Much of this stuff you only really appreciate with the benefit of hindsight – so here are 16 universal truths that you’ll be agreeing with soon.

A layman’s guide to LCD screens

Fine tune image sharpness using Live View

What is an LCD screen and why is it an important part of your camera? If you’re new to photography you might understandably have a few questions about some of the technology and equipment.

In our latest layman’s guide we answer some of the most common questions photographers have about LCD screens and how to use them.