The wedding photographer’s timeline: plan your shoots a year in advance

Wedding photography tips - shots to get on the day: shots at sundown

In some ways, shooting a wedding is the easiest part of being a wedding photographer. Learning new photography techniques is fun. But learning how to manage the business side of photography is one of the most difficult parts of the job for many working wedding photographers and is rarely mentioned in lists of top wedding photography tips.

In a recent post we looked at how much to charge for wedding photos when wedding photographers are just starting out in the business. In this post we’ll investigate how to plan your wedding photography shoots from the very beginning.

We’ll look at how to make contact with potential clients, how to secure bookings all the way up to tips that will leave you extra prepared on the day.

Wedding photography: tips for charging clients your first time

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12 months

Making initial contact
Most couples plan their wedding up to a year in advance, especially when it comes to booking important things, such as a photographer. It’s out of simple need really, because most people get married in the summer, on a Saturday, so photographers, as well as venues, can get booked up very early.

Plan ahead and maintain your diary with meticulous attention to detail. Think about local advertising or asking hairdressers and other shops in your area if you can put up postcards or leave material to promote your services.

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