The world's best-selling on-camera microphone just got even better

RØDE VideoMicro II
(Image credit: RØDE)

For almost a decade, the original RØDE VideoMicro has been trusted by videographers worldwide, ranging from hobbyist content creators to professionals working in the filmmaking industry.

Now the next generation of this groundbreaking microphone has arrived – and the RØDE VideoMicro II enhances every aspect of the already extraordinary original model, while retaining the signature features that made it such a celebrated success.

For professional-grade audio on the go, in a rugged and compact form factor that’s as at home on a smartphone as it is a cinema camera, this second generation supercardioid shotgun microphone sets a new bar for mobile audio. 

(Image credit: RØDE)

The RØDE VideoMic heritage

RØDE’s VideoMic range has long been considered the gold standard of on-camera and shotgun microphones. 

From the original VideoMicro, designed for the kind of nimble recording required by mobile vloggers and filmmakers, to the VideoMic Go, offering supercardioid sound for on-the-go video, all the way up to the VideoMic Pro, capable of broadcast-quality audio for premium performance, the range accommodates all kinds of user and suits any shooting scenario.

Just like other products in the family, such as the Stereo VideoMic and VideoMic NTG, the completely redesigned RØDE VideoMicro II continues to push the range further than ever, delivering unparalleled quality and compactness. 

(Image credit: RØDE)

Meet the RØDE VideoMicro II 

As the ultra-compact offering in the line-up, the RØDE VideoMicro II delivers professional and agile audio capture for content creators using cameras or smartphones. 

Suitably Compact and lightweight in design, it measures just 80mm and only weighs 39g – yet boasts hardwearing, all-metal construction, with deluxe foam and furry windshields to ensure clean audio, so you save on size without compromising on quality. 

Tailor made for run-and-gun shooting, the microphone offers true plug-and-play connectivity and straightforward operation. Simply connect the 3.5mm TRS output, using the supplied cables for cameras and smartphones, and start shooting – no complicated controls, and no battery to worry about.

New to this second generation model is the same annular line tube technology that was developed for the NTG5 professional location recording microphone, and then integrated into the VideoMic NTG and VideoMic Go II. 

(Image credit: RØDE)

This delivers remarkable, directional audio that picks up clear and natural sound in front of the mic while minimising pickup of unwanted noise from the sides and rear. 

Also debuting on the RØDE VideoMicro II is the new Helix Shock Mount. A proprietary design made specifically for the specs and characteristics of this mic, the revolutionary isolation mount provides unparalleled protection from movement, camera shake and ambient operational sound – maintaining the integrity of your audio. 

The streamlined design is unobtrusive and practical, with slots to keep your cables under control and mounting options for cameras, booms and other equipment.

The RØDE VideoMicro II is an all-in-one solution that brings expert audio to all your devices, anywhere you go and for anything you shoot.

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