The new Befree 2N1 sets a new standard of excellence for travel photography


Every photographer needs a sturdy support for their camera, and Manfrotto has worked hard to provide the best and most versatile options for every photographer’s needs.

The Befree collection of tripods and monopods has been expanding rapidly in recent months and years, and the Befree Advanced collection now offers a full range of travel tripods. This includes the Befree Advanced Carbon and Aluminium with twist leg locks and lever leg locks, and the newest additions further expand the range.

The new Befree 2N1 enters the field as the most versatile model yet in the Befree range. It is an all-in-one solution that allows the tripod to be converted into a robust monopod in just a few steps. Featuring a dedicated locking system that ensures the total absence of play when working both as a tripod and as a monopod, the 2N1 is available in both a Quick Power Lock version with levers and with a new locking system called the M-Lock.

This new twist-lock has been developed by Manfrotto to satisfy everyone looking for a fast, easy-to-use, compact solution. The M-Lock has no protruding parts and its mechanism closes perfectly around the head, enabling the Befree Advanced to slip in and out of its storage pocket effortlessly. This ease of use helps photographers focus on what’s most important – getting the perfect shot.

Another new feature introduced into the Befree Advanced range is the 494 Centre Ball Head. It features three independent controls: A main knob for managing the sphere lock; an integrated friction-control knob that adjusts the ball tension so that equipment is always perfectly balanced; and an independent panoramic knob that keeps the horizon flat and moves the camera horizontally. In addition to its perfect fit with the Befree Advanced range, the 494 head mounts a unique plate that makes it fully compatible with both the Manfrotto RC2 and Arca-swiss fitting tripod heads: ideal for users with these 2 different plate systems.

Yet another new addition to the range is the Befree Nerissimo, the most elegant tripod yet for advanced hobbyist photographers with an eye for design and detail. Made of the finest aluminium, it blends high-quality materials with a new exclusive matte black finish. As befits its stylish Italian heritage, Manfrotto has paid great attention to not just the perfect function of their equipment, but also to the visual details, to make sure it oozes elegance and style, whatever the setting. The Befree Nerissimo will be available exclusively at until 31 December 2018.

For those who need that bit of extra range can opt for the Befree GT. Featuring the same quality of build and design as the Befree Advanced and 2N1 units, the GT extends to a maximum height of 164cm, improving on the 150cm range of the Advanced and 2N1 units. The legs on the Befree GT are thicker than on the Advanced model for added sturdiness and the increased payload capacity of 10kg (up from 8kg on the Advanced) gives you important peace of mind when setting up on uneven terrain. 

Following the success of the Befree Advanced Live in aluminium and carbon, it is now also available with the Quick Power Locks – perfect for content creators who prefer the lever-lock system.  This replaces the original Befree Live giving the great performance of the fluid head and levelling system with the Befree Advanced Lever legs.

The Befree Advanced Twist tripod is now available in two limited edition Camouflage models exclusively from

Prices for the Befree Advanced range start from £174.95.

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