Rotolight's professional shooters share secrets at The Photography Show

Rotolight's professional shooters share secrets at The Photography Show
(Image credit: Terry Donnelly / Rotolight)

Rotolight's game-changing range of award-winning, professional-grade LED lighting systems have transformed the way that both stills and video photographers light their shots. 

At The Photography Show this month, not only will the manufacturer be presenting its full range of products – from the ultra-portable Rotolight NEO to the ultra-powerful Titan X2 – it will also be hosting a series of talks from leading professional photographers, who will share their experience and lighting secrets. 

Taking place from 14-17 March at the NEC in Birmingham, United Kingdom, The Photography Show will play host to the biggest and best brands in the imaging industry. The Rotolight stand, situated at C101, will feature a stage area where professional photographers will be demonstrating throughout the show. 

In addition to seeing Rotolight kit in action, from the 'shoot what you see' continuous lighting to high speed sync flash capabilities, you'll be able to listen to talks from these heavy hitting professionals… and take advantage of some exclusive, unmissable show-only offers!

Terry Donnelly

Terry proves that the Rotolight AEOS is capable of Marvel-ous results (Image credit: Terry Donnelly / Rotolight)

Another Rotolight Master of Light, Terry Donnelly is a Sony ambassador and one of the most decorated photographers in Europe, holding multiple fellowships and winning hundreds of international awards, including numerous Photographer of the Year titles. 

A general practice photographer, Terry is known as much for his striking portraiture as his sports portfolio, as well as his commercial and conceptual work. “It’s okay to shoot lots of different genres of photography – the skills always overlap and that’s what makes your work stronger. I’m a firm believer that everyone should just shoot what they enjoy because that’s how you grow.”

Terry's talk explores fuss-free portraiture and how to take beautiful shots with a single-light setup, which he often does using his favored Rotolight AEOS. “Because I’m always shooting on location, I love using the AEOS. It delivers a beautiful soft light straight from the unit, that can be used without the need for modifiers and has the advantage of being portable enough to hand hold when working alone.”

Talk schedule:
Saturday 14th March – 12:45
Sunday 15th March – 15:00
Tuesday 17th March – 13:30

Jean Noir

(Image credit: Jean Noir / Rotolight)

A Rotolight Master of Light, German portrait photographer Jean Noir is well known for his focus on color and emotion. His recognizable and intimate portraiture emphasizes playing with light, using items such as prisms, and getting creative with shadows using less common objects like colanders!

Often shooting close to his subject, he employs striking composition to complement his colors and uses textures to add visual interest. Using supplemental light to add fill and create unique effects in his edgy, industrial NOIRstudio is key to his work.

"My photography is really focused on color, so being able to change the color temperature really helps me to adapt depending on the time of day or mood and mix it with the ambient light available. I even use the AEOS and NEO 2 to support my work with natural light because it lets me get the last kick in the eyes bringing the image to life."

Jean’s talks at The Photography Show will covering how he uses artificial light to capture emotion in his portraits, as well as how he uses everyday items to create unique images.

Talk schedule:
Sunday 15th March – 10:30, 15:45
Monday 16th March – 13:30
Tuesday 17th March – 10:30, 12:45, 15:45

Donna Crous

The Rotolight NEO 2 is ideal for illuminating Donna Crous' fantastic food photography (Image credit: Donna Crous / Rotolight)

Professional food photographer and blogger Donna Crous is highly respected in her field. Winner of Paleo Blogger of the Year, and always highly ranked in the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year awards, she is an Ambassador for Photo Boards and also runs Eighty 20 Nutrition

Shooting from her home studio, Donna is a convert to the compact and versatile Rotolight NEO 2. The light's adjustable color temperature means that she can shoot no matter the time of day or prevailing lighting conditions – a far cry from the "chasing the sun" method she used before, limiting her to only shooting when the ambient lighting and weather was good enough!

The NEO 2 affords Donna the freedom and flexibility that her work demands. As she will explain in her talk, her work is characterized by the unique juxtaposition of the vibrant food she prepares against the rustic backdrop of her shooting space.

Talk schedule:
Saturday 14th March – 12:00
Sunday 15th March – 13:30
Monday 16th March – 11:15, 15:45
Tuesday 17th March – 11:15, 14:15

Luke & Mandy

Luke & Mandy use the Rotolight NEO 2 and Anova PRO 2 to complement natural light (Image credit: Luke & Mandy / Rotolight)

Like some of the most successful professionals over the years, Luke and Mandy are a husband and wife duo that have been creating fine art portraiture since 2014 – and the creative union draws equally from each photographer's strengths. “Everything is done together," says Luke, "it’s a 50/50 process between the two of us from concept to completion."

The duo used to shoot 100% using natural light, but Rotolight's continuous LEDs have liberated them from only being able to work what the sun gives them. “There’s usually only one angle that looks the best when it comes to natural light so it really restricted our shots, but we just got used to it. However, Rotolight has now given us the freedom to develop and experiment with any angle or position.”

In their talk at The Photography Show, Luke and Mandy will be sharing their expertise in creating ethereal portraiture using continuous lighting to shoot fine art images on location. 

Talk schedule:
Saturday 14th March – 10:30, 13:30, 15:45
Sunday 15th March – 11:15, 12:45
Monday 16th March – 10:30, 12:45, 15:00

Rob Pugh

The Rotolight AEOS and NEO 2 enables Rob Pugh to stay nimble when working (Image credit: Rob Pugh / Rotolight)

Portrait and wedding photographer Rob Pugh left the armed forces in search of a new challenge, and today owns RP Photography by Design – a business that specializes in unique "wedding photojournalist" images and corporate headshots. 

When shooting the latter, his clients aren't necessarily confident in front of the camera – and don't have time to waste. "With corporate photography I only have my client for such a short period of time and, even then, they’re often still trying to organize meetings or respond to emails on their phone.”

Rob's talk at The Photography Show will focus on how he captures corporate headshots designed to help clients build their brands, and how using lightweight kit like the Rotolight AEOS and NEO 2 to remain mobile and agile.

Talk schedule:
Saturday 14th March – 11:15, 14:15
Sunday 15th March – 12:00, 14:15
Monday 16th March – 12:00, 14:15
Tuesday 17th March – 12:00, 15:00

To listen to these world-renowned speakers, see live lighting demonstrations, get hands-on with equipment and take advantage of exclusive show-only offers, visit the Rotolight stand at C101. The schedule below (click for full size) details the timetable for speakers and their demonstrations, so make sure you don't miss out! 

The full timetable of presentations at the Rotolight stand, C101, at The Photography Show

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