Mic drop moment! JOBY debuts new line of Wavo mics for content creators and pros

Joby Wavo microphone
(Image credit: Joby)

The wizards at JOBY – the go-to brand for content creator gear – has just launched a new lineup of professionally performing microphones without premium price tags. 

Whether you're a working pro, an avid content creator or a casual streamer, your video quality is only 50% visual – the other 50% is your audio, and it can make or break the quality of your content. That's why JOBY is delivering reference-grade audio with its five new microphones.

Combined with the manufacturer's companion products, the GorillaPod and Beamo, JOBY now offers the complete content creation triangle: stability, lighting and audio.

JOBY Wavo Pro

(Image credit: Joby)

Priced at £257.95, the JOBY Wavo Pro is an unparallelled shotgun mic designed to deliver broadcast-calibre sound capture for mobile creators and filmmakers. 

Structural noise is minimised, thanks to a combination of the Wavo Pro's integrated Rycote technology with an intelligent active noise reduction system, for quality on-the-go creation – along with a secondary 3.5mm input for dual-channel recording and interviews, with onboard -10db safe track.

Front and rear LEDs enable creators to monitor recording in real time, regardless of the orientation, and a dedicated sound management app for iOS and Android provides input monitoring, dual-mode EQ and customizable setups. 

Wavo Pro DS

(Image credit: Joby)

A mid-range audio solution, the £228.95 JOBY Wavo Pro DS provides an ideal and instant upgrade for no-nonsense creators. 

Delivering a more streamlined experience than the Wavo Pro, the DS nonetheless shares most of the pro-grade components of its flagship big brother. Designed with a simple, plug and play interface, the DS gives you the key controls you need without overwhelming you with settings. 

A high-pass filter cleans up low-frequency sounds at the point of capture, while a safe track is offered for mono and dual-channel recording. For quick visual reference, LEDs indicate both battery and audio levels.

JOBY Wavo Air

(Image credit: Joby)

The modular, instant-pairing JOBY Wavo Air is a wireless microphone kit that empowers creators with full freedom of movement in front of the camera. 

Each £214.95 kit comprises two transmitters and lavalier mics, enabling two-way conversations within your content – and the high-quality 2.4GHz wireless technology can record up to 164ft away. 

TRS and TRRS cables are included, to connect to smartphones and cameras straight out of the box, and a unique mounting system can accommodate everything from magnetic lanyards to belt clips, cold shoe mounts to GorillaPod leg clips and more.

JOBY Wavo Pod

(Image credit: Joby)

A large-diaphragm desktop condenser mic, the £85.95 JOBY Wavo Pod boasts cardioid and omnidirectional pickup with 24bit / 48kHz sampling – making it perfect for podcasters and streamers. It even comes with a pop filter for cleaner audio.

The plug and play-friendly USB-C connection makes it a breeze to connect to any device, with a multitude of mounts – including a pair of ¼-20 mounts, ⅜” female screw with ⅝” adapter, and detachable base and U bracket – connecting to GorillaPods or boom arms to accommodate any recording setup. 

The 3.5mm headphone jack offers zero-latency monitoring, with a multifunction volume and gain knob for precision control, and an integrated one-click mute function.

JOBY Wavo Lav Pro

(Image credit: Joby)

Designed to pair with the Wavo Pro, the £68.95 JOBY Wavo Lav Pro is the manufacturer's first professional-grade lavalier mic for sound that punches well above its weight.

Capturing premium audio is what the Lav Pro is all about. The foam windscreen removes environmental wind and vocal pops, while the 2.5m cable is made from soft materials to minimise vibration transferrence. 

The 3.5mm TRS cable is the ideal dance partner for the Wavo Pro, as well as standard camera attachments, while the aluminum mounting clip enables the mic to be artfully concealed while locking it in place.

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