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Looking for the ultimate protection and reliability? Manfrotto's PRO Light Tough cases are for you!

Manfrotto PRO Light Tough Hard Cases
Manfrotto's PRO Light Tough TH-55 HighLid with pre-cubed foam (left) and TL-55 Reloader LowLid with readjustable padded inserts (right). (Image credit: Manfrotto)

Whether you're a photographer that loves to travel, a videographer who needs to carry an entire studio’s worth of kit in a bag, or you just want a secure place that your precious camera equipment can call home, a Tough case could be the perfect solution for you.

Manfrotto's brand-new PRO Light Tough cases can store vast amounts of camera kit, bodies and lenses and keep them safe on long journeys. As the PRO Light name implies, they're designed for professional use offering premium quality and the highest levels of protection, and are super lightweight too.

The PRO Light Tough-55 case is available in three different options, the PRO Light TH-55 HighLid with pre-cubed foam (opens in new tab) so you can adjust the foam to fit your camera equipment perfectly, and the Pro Light Reloader TL-55 LowLid (opens in new tab) and Pro Light Reloader TH-55 HighLid (opens in new tab) which both come with an insert and adjustable padded dividers. The TL-55 LowLid version is 2.5cm shorter with dimensions of 35x20x55cm, offering peace of mind when flying on even the most strictest of airlines.

All three of the PRO Light Tough-55 models are air-tight, shock-resistant and have been given an IP67 rating for water and dust-proofing too, so they won't let you down. They're all capable of carrying two DSLR or mirrorless camera bodies with multiple lenses.

Manfrotto PRO Light Tough TH-83 Case

Manfrotto PRO Light Tough TH-83 Case (Image credit: Manfrotto)

Still need more space? We've got you covered! Manfrotto's PRO Light Tough TH-83 case (opens in new tab) is bigger in all three dimensions and offers an internal space 160% larger than the TH-55 so it's perfect for travellers who need reliability and maximum levels of security when carrying huge amounts of professional equipment such as large tripods, small lighting stands, sliders, heavy duty products and comes empty so is fully customisable and you can add your own padding to it if required.

The Pro Light TH-83 is ideal for checking in when flying and is easily strong enough to be stowed away in the hold of an airplane and like the other models is also certified for IP67. All four of the new tough cases feature an automatic pressure release valve which provides automatic regulation of the interior air pressure when flying at high altitudes.

Keep your precious photo kit safe from water and dust

Manfrotto's PRO Light tough cases have been tested in 1m of water for 30 minutes to achieve its IP67 rating (Image credit: Manfrotto)

Living up to the 'tough' branding, the four new PRO Light hard cases have an IP67 rating for water and dust proofing: one of the highest levels of protection offered by an IP rating. 

All four of the new PRO Light cases are air tight, waterproof, shock-resistant and stop dust and dirt from getting in. They're fantastic for heavy-duty professional use and frequent fliers, capable of withstanding the toughest of conditions.

Keep your kit safe with outstanding impact resistance

Manfrotto PRO Light Tough TH-55

Made of high-performance plastic compound the new PRO Light tough cases are extremely hard wearing and light too. (Image credit: Manfrotto)

The PRO Light cases are manufactured from a very lightweight high-performance plastic compound, giving them superb impact resistance (opens in new tab) without weighing you down.

The rigid, yet lightweight cases offer the ultimate in reliability, resistance to crushing and absorbing damage when dropped or knocked down, guaranteeing the safety of your prized photographic possessions even in the toughest of conditions.

Certified to withstand temperatures from down to -33°C/27.4°F and in temperatures of up to +90°C/194°F the PRO Light series is capable of tolerating the harshest conditions, making them just as suitable for an expedition in the arctic to a journey across a blazing desert.

Store your gear securely and access it quickly with innovative pull release latches

Manfrotto Pro Light Reloader Tough TH-55

The Manfrotto Pro Light Reloader Tough TH-55 with pull release catch for safe storage and easy access. (Image credit: Manfrotto)

The new PRO Light tough cases incorporate sturdy secure release latches, with two featured on the Tough-55 models and five latches on the larger TH-83.

The pull release latches add additional safety and avoids accidental opening. They're strong, reliable, and secure, keeping your cases safe  when locked and stored away. There is also space for padlocks to be fitted next to each latch to keep your kit secure.

Roll with it: telescopic handle makes for easy transportation 

Manfrotto Pro Light Reloader Tough TL55

The Manfrotto Pro Light Reloader Tough TL-55 with telescopic handle for easy transportation. (Image credit: Manfrotto)

The PRO Light Tough-55 and TH-83 roller cases feature a two-step telescopic handle for easy transportation. The handle boasts a handy self-locking system to prevent it from extending on a fully loaded trolley in case it is lifted accidentally.

Large wheels are also key to delivering a silent and stable performance during transport, giving optimal stability, strength, and have been made to be super durable and long-lasting too.

Check out these equally tough accessories that are completely unique to the PRO Light series

PRO Light Tough Harness System for Manfrotto Hard Cases

The PRO Light Tough Harness System lets you carry your Manfrotto hard case like a backpack. (Image credit: Manfrotto)

Complimenting the brand-new Tough hard cases are a variety of equally tough accessories that work in harmony with them, easily attaching to the front panel of Tough cases via four bespoke metal pins on the smaller models, and six on the TH-83. 

The PRO Light Tough Harness System (opens in new tab) includes a padded adjustable waist belt and sternum strap so you can comfortably carry your Tough-55 hard case like a backpack between locations, which is handy for traversing uneven terrain where it'd be a better choice than the built-in wheels.

PRO Light Tough Laptop Sleeve for Manfrotto Hard Cases

PRO Light Tough Laptop Sleeve for Manfrotto Hard Cases (Image credit: Manfrotto)

The PRO Light Laptop Sleeve (opens in new tab) includes 15” laptop and tablet compartments and two front additional pockets for accessories. A comfortable shoulder strap is included as well.

PRO Light Tough Tripod Bag for Manfrotto Hard Cases

PRO Light Tough Tripod Bag for Manfrotto Hard Cases (Image credit: Manfrotto)

The PRO Light Tripod Bag (opens in new tab) can also be used as a standalone bag through the included shoulder strap or lashed on to your PRO Light hard case for easy transportation. 

Thanks to a special expandable design, the PRO Light Tripod Bag can hold different sizes of tripods from a Manfrotto Befree series to a 055 with Xpro ball head or 3-way head attached.

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