How to transform your photos into your personal art gallery

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“That’s a great picture – where did you take it?” It’s a question we’ve all been asked at some point, when a visitor comes into our home. They see a beautiful art print above the mantelpiece, or hanging in the hallway, and knowing that you enjoy taking photographs they ask you about it… only to be told that it’s actually a storebought picture.

Why not make it your own photograph that starts the conversation? Whether you’re a professional photographer or a casual phone snapper, you’re guaranteed to have taken at least one photograph that deserves pride of place on the wall of your home. 

It could be a candid image of a loved one, a stunning landscape taken on your dream vacation, or a shot from your portfolio that you’re particularly fond of. So take the next step, and turn your favorite images into incredible wall art. 

Saal Digital is a great partner for creating and curating your wall decor (Image credit: Saal Digital)

Once upon a time, getting your own wall decor printed was very specialist and very expensive. However, today the process of transforming a folder of images into an art gallery for your walls is more affordable than ever – and the process is so simple, it can be done on your laptop or even your phone.

From single prestige pieces on brushed metal with aluminum subframes, to a series of standard photo canvases to cover larger spaces in your home, it’s time to turn your unloved digital files into wondrous wall art that can be appreciated and admired. 

Here are some suggestions on how to use your images around your home.

(Image credit: Saal Digital)


Maybe you want to show off multiple magical moments from a family vacation, or maybe you want to share a number of viewpoints from your favorite landscape location. Either way, a grid is a great way to showcase a series of shots.

Images of the same size can be positioned in a rectangular formation, while different-sized photos can be displayed along the same horizon to maintain order. Or you can explode your images into a wall-filling collage that invite the viewer to gaze all around.


Keeping a consistent theme is a great way to thread your images together. Perhaps your theme is a specific color, such as a series of purple photographs. Perhaps it’s a specific genre, such as portraiture. Or perhaps it’s a specific subject, such as flowers, where all colors, shapes and sizes are welcome. 

If your images feel mismatched, you can unify a series by choosing specific frames or finishes – such as a metallic frame or a floating frame – to subtly unify even the most chaotic collection of pictures.

Whether you're going for a simple grid or a grand design, Saal Digital's design software for computers or phones makes it easy to get exactly what you want (Image credit: Saal Digital)


Rather than a collage or collection of smaller individual images, a single, stunning, super-sized shot will provide maximum impact – serving as a brilliant statement piece that brings a focal point to your space.

Whether it’s a vibrant landscape that complements the kaleidoscope of colors in a family room or den, or a contrasty black-and-white that adds a sophisticated air to an office or study, going large can bring instant character to challenging rooms and add interest to large empty walls. 


Wall decor, obviously, typically goes on the walls – but it doesn’t have to stop there! So long as your images are leaning against walls, you can really shake things up with where you place them.

Lining them up on shelving is a great way to display your wall art, but you can also make a great feature out of placing pictures on the floor – giving that gallery feel at home.

(Image credit: Saal Digital)


You can get extra creative with a collection of photographs by incorporating graphic elements, such as words or illustrated images. 

From clipart and backgrounds to empowering words and loved ones’ names, shake up your selection by adding a graphic touch that brings everything together.


Of course, the most important part of great wall art is the artwork itself. With your photographs on display for all to see, you can't trust the task to just anybody – so choosing the right company to print your wall decor is absolutely crucial.

Saal Digital is a fantastic choice for printing your photos and turning them into wall art. As a professional photo lab with almost 30 years of experience, it offers gallery-worthy quality, with a wide variety of surfaces and formats, along with ICC profiles for each finish. 

The design process is made incredibly simple, thanks to Saal's design software available on your desktop, internet browser or mobile app. And with fast production and delivery times, you'll be turning your walls into works of art before you know it.

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