Go lightweight and versatile with the Rotolight NEO 2 Explorer kit


British lighting manufacturer Rotolight, based at the world-famous Pinewood Studios where it rubs shoulders with mega-budget Hollywood productions, knows that only the most innovative and moreover practical solutions will satisfy its customer base. 

You may therefore already be aware of its award-winning portable LED light in the Rotolight NEO and successive iteration in the newer NEO 2. Being and LED it's cool to the touch, and as suitable for video work as it is shooting stills. Further innovation comes via the fact that the NEO 2 is essentially two lights in one: both a continuous light source and rapid fire flash too, able to keep up the with blisteringly fast capture speeds of the latest premium cameras.

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Inventive and creative lighting set ups

Now Rotolight has introduced a new Explorer kit, containing not one but three portable NEO 2 lights, along with a lightweight weatherproof bag to transport them in. This answers the requests of its existing NEO users and provides them with even greater flexibility whether in studio or on location. Now, even more inventive and creative lighting set ups are possible, whether using the lights handheld or mounting them on stands, or using them on camera. 

It comes with High Speed Sync Flash (HSS), which provides a powerful HSS flash mode when you need more power, with zero recycle time, at up to 500%* of the maximum continuous light output for photographers. This enables you to freeze action, and shoot at wider apertures for better subject isolation. The NEO 2 eliminates the need to buy two separate products if you shoot both stills and video, as it provides an all-in-one solution.

At the suggested cost of £1199.99, the NEO 2 offers practicality to your budget, ensuring value for money is the top of your priority on your shoot.

Packed full of innovative tech and the latest features 

The NEO 2 is not only brighter than its predecessor but it also now comes with the aforementioned flash capability. In fact, it features a built in Elinchrom Skyport 2.4Ghz HSS wireless flash receiver, enabling control of up to 10 lights in four groups at 200 metres.

For such a technically advanced product, the NEO 2 is easy to use, allowing you to concentrate on how the image is going to look, rather than if the flash is going to fire or not. With no recycle time, you will never miss a moment, and you'll get up to 85,000 full flashes from using 6xAA batteries. The NEO 2 also provides a wide adjustable colour temperature range, which can be controlled manually for both flash and continuous lighting, with a 3150-6300K range capability.

Plenty of included extras

Included in the travel kit bundle are light stands, colour effect filters and power supplies. At just 6.8kg, the kit is extremely light and the bespoke soft case is made from a high-quality, water-resistant material.

What's more, added creativity is provided via Rotolight's very own CineSFX™ capabilities, allowing effects such as a fireside glow or the flashing of a police siren to be created on the fly. 

It all adds to a triple whammy of creativity, versatility and practicality for those that want an innovative lighting kit that will let them deliver when on the go! 

So whether you've got a photo or video outdoor shoot, it'd make sense to use the Rotolight NEO 2 Explorer Kit, especially as it provides functionality for both disciplines. 

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*500% increase in flash power on Rotolight V-Lock battery or PSU, 250% flash power on AA (NiMh or Lithium Ion)