All the custom photo gifts you can think of – with the lowest price, guaranteed!

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When it comes to giving gifts, nothing shows how much love and thought you’ve put in than a custom photo gift. From cherished memories with family to wild vacations with friends, portraits of your partner to magical moments with your kids, a photo gift expresses your feelings like nothing else can.

But how do you find the right gift? With so many options on offer, you could spend days on end searching the web trying to find the perfect item… or you could head to Canvas Champ, which has carved out a reputation as a one-stop shop for the best custom photo gifts you can think of.

Want to give something traditional, like a canvas print? Check. How about a stunning metal print? No problem. Okay, what about something out-there like a photo umbrella? Sure thing. Well, maybe something really wild like… a custom Rubik’s Cube? You got it!

Canvas Champ really does have all the greatest – and most unique – photo gift options all in one place. And it’s not just the product range that people love; with over 6 million prints sold and over 151 thousand 5-star reviews, it provides a service trusted by countless customers across the country. 

How good are these products? With a 60–Day no–question returns policy, you can be sure that your recipient truly loves their gift. Every purchase comes with a 100% Love-It Guarantee. So, if they don’t love it, you can just send it back for a full refund with no hassle whatsoever. 

So, what kind of products are there?

(Image credit: CanvasChamp)

Canvas prints

You’ve never seen canvases like these before. We’ve all seen square, rectangular, and even panoramic prints, but how about circular – or even triangular! Available from 8x24” all the way to 20x54”, or order your own custom size, with prices starting at just $3.99. 

(Image credit: CanvasChamp)

Acrylic prints

This sleek acrylic finish absolutely delivers the “wow” factor, whether you want a single print, a multi-panel wall display, clear frame prints or double-layer acrylic prints. Available in standard or custom sizes all the way up to 48”, starting at $8.45.

(Image credit: CanvasChamp)

Metal prints

Create a display that’s better than the original photo! These aluminum prints show true, rich, vibrant colors with more depth, sharper contrast, and deeper saturation than traditional photo printing. Go standard size or customize up to 39”, starting from $9.49.

(Image credit: CanvasChamp)

Framed prints

Nothing is more classic than a beautiful image presented in a beautiful frame. From a sleek modern design to a curved formal frame, or a glistening golden frame to a rustic finish in Canvas Champ's stunning Blonde Maple. Prices start at just $15.48. 

(Image credit: CanvasChamp)

Custom photo pillows

Now we’re starting to get creative! Liven up your room with a fully customizable throw pillow in polyester, a cotton blend or even sequin! Photos, text, block color – all available in 10 popular sizes, from $9.99.

(Image credit: CanvasChamp)

Photo umbrellas

You’ll never be happier to see the rain, thanks to these personalized umbrellas. Give it for birthdays or anniversaries, make it a promotional gift for your business to present to clients, or just make your own design to express yourself, starting at $9.99.

(Image credit: CanvasChamp)

Photo mugs

Classic custom coffee mugs can be personalized in multiple ways, from a classic two-sided print to a collage of photos and text to a wraparound print that makes a big statement! These microwave-safe mugs start at just $8.49.

(Image credit: CanvasChamp)

Magic mugs

You may have seen photo mugs before, but how about magic, color-changing photo mugs? Now you’re talking! These solid black mugs change color with hot liquid to unveil the photo of your choice. Wraparound or collage photo options available, from $10.77.

(Image credit: CanvasChamp)

Custom Photo Rubik’s Cubes

Bet you haven’t seen these before! Each cube is 2.25” square, printed using UV inks for maximum adhesion and fade-resistance. Each of the six sides can be personalized with photos, logos, or any other image. Display your images and challenge your brain from $9.99.

Over 100 custom products are ready to ship within 24 hours – and shipping is just $9.99, or completely free on orders over $69. You can even buy now and pay later, breaking up your purchase into 4 interest-free payments on purchases of $30-$1,500.

To sweeten the deal even further, right now you can get an extra 10% off on orders over $49 sitewide, using the code CC10, slashing the cost of your cart. But there’s more! Orders over $49 also get free shipping if you use the code SHIPFREE49, saving you money on delivery too.

There has never been a better time to give the perfect gift from Canvas Champ. And you’ll love these products so much, you might just pick one up for yourself at the same time! 

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