White balance explained: how cameras correct the color of different types of light

White balance explained: how your camera corrects the colour of different kinds of lighting

The White Balance setting you choose will change the colour balance in your pictures, making it warmer or cooler depending on how the sort of light you’re shooting in affects things.

Using Auto White Balance is the simple option, but your camera’s White Balance presets give you more control over colour.

10 camera techniques to master in 2014

10 camera techniques to master in 2014

While it can take years to master the camera techniques you need to take amazing images, whatever your skill level and whatever you choose to shoot, it often pays to keep things simple. Here we’ve put together 10 essential camera techniques every photographer should master.

White Balance: Photoshop fixes and in-camera solutions for any situation

Correcting white balance in Adobe Camera Raw

What is white balance? In this in-depth guide we explain everything you need to know to make the most of your digital camera’s built-in color balance options. Starting with some of the common questions people have about taking control of white balance, we’ll move on to explain how to fine tune white balance in-camera, white balance Photoshop fixes… and why it’s OK to use the wrong setting!

How to correct white balance problems in JPEG files

How to correct white balance problems in JPEG files

One of the holy gospels of digital photography is to shoot in raw format. But let’s face it: there are still times when you’ll want to shoot JPEGs instead of raw files. And when you do, getting the correct white balance is of vital importance because it’s much more difficult to correct white balance in JPEGs on the computer than it is when editing raw files.

That said, there are ways to correct white balance in the JPEG images you have taken. In this quick tutorial we’ll show you how to fix your colour errors and rescue those JPEGs.