The 25 types of photographer… which one are you?

Final surf photography advice from our professional photographer: safety first

Photographers run the gamut of everything from the adrenaline junkie to the nature-loving bird photographer, with a whole lot of ground in between.

In their latest guest blog post, the photo management and Canon Project1709 experts at Photoventure have broken down what they believe are the 25 types of photographers. Which one are you?

City at night: photography tips for taking atmospheric images of urban areas

City at night: photography tips for atmospheric images of buildings and landmarks

The city at night is a fantastic place for photography. But you’ll want to get there just after sunset. In this tutorial we explain how the twilight hours are perfect for capturing atmospheric pictures of illuminated buildings and city landmarks.

Panoramic photography: tips for making high-res images from multiple pictures

Panoramic photography: tips for making high-resolution panoramas from multiple images

There’s nothing new about panoramic photography: it’s just that it’s now easier than ever before. In this tutorial we’ll run through the basics of panoramic photography, offer some tips on how to shoot your scene and then show you an easy way to stitch them together.

Bokeh background ideas: shoot a rainy portrait for a backdrop with sparkling blur

Bokeh background ideas: shoot a rainy portrait for a backdrop with shimmering blur

Bad weather doesn’t have to curb your photography. Using your creative side, there are plenty of fun photo projects you can pursue that embrace the challenging elements. In fact, rain can be a great time to shoot outdoor portrait photography, as the drops can produce a shimmering bokeh background.

In this tutorial we show you exactly how to set up your camera and edit your rainy day portraits to maximise this bokeh background effect.

11 music photography mistakes everyone always makes (and how to avoid them)

11 music photography mistakes everyone always makes (and how to avoid them)

You don’t have to have access to the photographers’ pit at stadium concerts to take great music photography. There are some excellent opportunities at festivals and even local bars and pubs.

In her latest post in her series looking at some of the common photography mistakes photographers make, our head of testing Angela Nicholson examines some of the most common mistakes made by music photographers and gives some advice on getting things right.

Fall color: how to photograph autumn leaves and other seasonal images

How to shoot frosty leaf close-ups

How do you make the most of seasonal textures and tones? In this tutorial we answer some of the common questions on how to capture Fall color and photograph some of the popular subjects like autumn leaves, wildlife and working with seasonal light.

How to break out of your photography rut: 6 quick fixes for creative photographers

Banish Bad Pictures: 9 quick fixes for common camera complaints

We all lose our photographic mojo once in a while or maybe find that we are effectively taking the same images over and over again. In their latest guest blog post, our friends at the photo management blog Photoventure compiled 6 tried and tested techniques to help you break out of this photographic rut and start taking more creative images.