Olympus E-PM2 review

    | Compact Cameras, Reviews | 06/02/2013 11:13am
    Olympus E-PM2 review

    Olympus launched the PEN Mini E-PM2 and the PEN Lite E-PL5 at Photokina 2012. Both PEN cameras share a lot of similarities, most notably the same 16.1 million pixel sensor and TruePic VI processor that have been taken from the highly acclaimed Olympus OM-D M5.

    In her Olympus E-PM2 review video, Amy Davies of our testing team investigates what this new PEN camera has to offer.

    Olympus XZ-10 Preview: is this the ideal compact for serious photographers?

    | Compact Cameras, Reviews | 30/01/2013 15:00pm
    Olympux XZ-10 Preview: is this the ideal compact for serious photographers?

    The new Olympus XZ-10 announced today joins the XZ-2 in Olympus’s range of premium compact cameras, but is 40% smaller than its sibling and offers the same f/1.8 lens. In our hands-on Olympus XZ-10 preview video, Amy Davies of our testing teams runs through the Olympus XZ-10 key specs and features.

    How to buy a camera: 5 things you need to know about choosing a DSLR

    | Photography for Beginners | 14/12/2012 15:51pm
    How to buy a camera: 5 things you need to know about choosing a DSLR

    Looking to buy a camera but overwhelmed by all the choice? Our expert guide on how to buy a camera reveals 5 crucial DSLR tips covering sensors, pixels, shooting modes, interfaces and everything else you need to know when buying a camera.

    Olympus E-PL5 review

    | Compact Cameras, Reviews | 13/12/2012 16:00pm
    Olympus unveils PEN E-PL5 and PEN Mini E-PM2 with OM-D sensor

    The Olympus PEN E-PL5 shares the same 16.1-megapixel sensor as the Olympus OM-D. Amy Davies of our testing team investigates whether the similarities end there, or if this new PEN camera is in fact the best PEN camera on the market. Watch her Olympus E-PL5 review video to see how it fared.

    Exposure: Inside the Olympus Scandal – A look behind the headlines

    | News | 23/11/2012 18:30pm
    Exposure: Inside the Olympus Scandal

    When Michael Woodford became the President and CEO of Olympus in 2011, he was the first westerner ever to climb the ranks of one of Japan’s corporate giants, but within months of his appointment he had uncovered a $1.7 billion accounting fraud…

    Olympus unveils PEN E-PL5 and PEN Mini E-PM2 with OM-D sensor

    | News | 17/09/2012 11:30am
    Olympus unveils PEN E-PL5 and PEN Mini E-PM2 with OM-D sensor

    Olympus has introduced two new cameras to sit in its range of PEN cameras – the Olympus PEN E-PL5 and the Olympus PEN Mini E-PM2.

    Both of the new Olympus cameras use the 16.1 million pixel sensor from the Olympus OM-D from the Olympus OM-D and will sit in the middle and bottom of Olympus’ PEN lineup.

    Olympus OM-D Review

    | Reviews, SLRs | 15/05/2012 10:37am
    Olympus OM-D revealed

    Three years after making its first entrance into the compact system camera arena with the PEN E-P1, Olympus has gone back to its roots again to produce the OM-D, with its retro styling owed to its analogue predecessor.

    Inside the camera are an all new 16 million pixel Live MOS Four Thirds sensor and TruePic VI image processor, which Olympus says is designed to give better low light performance and higher dynamic range than previous Micro Four Thirds cameras in its line-up.

    Find out inside what score it got from our testing team.

    DO or Di? Your lens markings explained

    | Photography Tips | 02/04/2012 13:58pm
    DO or Di? All your lens markings explained

    Does your lens has more letters after its name than a retired rocket scientist. What do all these lens markings mean? You can refer to a lens simply by the name of the manufacturer, the focal length, and its maximum aperture – a Sigma 70-300mm f/4-5.6, say, or Canon 50mm f/1.4. But as lenses have often evolved from decades of development, they usually have a line of additional letters after their names, stamped on the barrel or printed on the boxes.

    Some lens markings are about manufacturer branding – defining a more recent range, or a lens that’s built to higher standards than another. Others are to do with the optics themselves, and to highlight specific technologies used in the lens construction. In the jargon-busting guide below, we’ll translate these lens markings for you.

    Olympus unveils retro ‘film’ SD cards

    | News | 01/04/2012 08:15am
    Olympus unveils retro 'film' SD cards

    Olympus has launched a new range of SDHC cards to complement the new Olympus OM-D.

    The cards, which have been designed for use by those who miss the “authenticity” of using film, will be available in either black and white or colour variations. Anybody purchasing the black and white variation will be limited to shooting in monochrome.

    Video: Olympus OM-D E-M5 hands-on review

    | Videos | 07/03/2012 11:30am
    Olympus OM-D revealed

    In between Strictly Come Dancing revivals at Focus On Imaging we managed to get some time alone with the Olympus OM-D E-M5.

    The 16-megapixel E-M5, announced last month, is the first camera in the new Olympus OM-D line – with rumours of an OM-D Pro possibly to come.

    Watch our initial hands-on review of the Olympus OM-D, with a full review to follow soon.