This professional camera backpack can be converted into 3 different bags!

K&F CONCEPT Alpha Backpack
(Image credit: K&F CONCEPT)

No matter how great a camera bag is, it can't do everything. Some days you want to carry more cameras than lenses, some days you need a sling bag instead of a backpack, and some days you change your kit completely and your bag no longer suits the gear you use.

This is especially difficult for professionals, who don't just rely on their bag to carry their equipment – they also need it to be designed in a way that enables them to do their job quickly and efficiently. What you need is a bag that grows as you grow, and that adapts to what you are carrying and shooting on any given day – and the K&F CONCEPT Alpha Backpack is that bag.

Thanks to its ingenious design, this convertible and fully customizable camera bag is actually three different bags in one – meaning you can change your kit, change what you shoot and change how you shoot it without having to constantly change your bag. 

K&F CONCEPT has been a global leader in the design, research and manufacture of photo and video equipment for over a decade. It holds over 150 patents and has won the Japanese Digital Camera Grand Prix Gold award for five years running. From bags and tripods to lens filters and adapters, it is one of the most trusted brands for photographic and video equipment. 

Perfect for pros

Professional photographers have certain demands that must be met – and perhaps the most important is weather sealing. While your cameras and lenses may be weatherproof, that's only when they're mounted together – and there are all the other components in your bag, like batteries and memory cards, that need to be kept safe from the elements. 

The K&F CONCEPT Alpha Backpack boasts a weather-resistant design that includes a seam-sealed rain cover. It also features waterproof zippers on both sides, so you can access your gear quickly and easily without worrying about it getting wet.

Capacity is obviously crucial, too. This 25L bag can carry an impressive amount of kit as standard – but thanks to a Magic Warehouse feature, you can extend the top half of the bag and add an extra 1.5L of capacity to load even more. Carry 2 cameras, 4 lenses, a 16" MacBook Pro, a 12.9" iPad, a tripod, a drone, a gimbal… everything you could possibly need for your shoot, whatever the job calls for.

A slip panel on the back of the bag means that it can be easily attached to luggage handles while travelling, with anti-theft devices on the zippers to prevent opportunists from getting into your bag.

(Image credit: K&F CONCEPT)

Adaptable for anyone

It's not just a bag for pros, though – thanks to its customizability, the K&F CONCEPT Alpha Backpack is suitable for anyone, and any purpose. Its unique party trick is a pair of rotatable metal buckles that connect the straps, enabling it to convert from a camera backpack to a shoulder bag to a messenger bag. 

Thanks to its removable padded dividers, along with the side and top access, it becomes an excellent travel backpack or everyday commuting backpack – so you can even forego your camera kit entirely and use it as an all-purpose bag. These dividers enable you to completely customize the shape inside your bag, to adapt to any camera or lens size, or provide protection for anything else you want to carry.

The side-access panels feature integrated pockets, ideal for wallets, chargers, wires, batteries (with helpful pockets specifically for charged and depleted batteries), filters, headphones, passport or anything else you need quick access to. 

To ensure comfort and protection, the bag possesses an adjustable chest buckle and rotating hinges on the shoulder straps to accommodate different body shapes, with a flexible H-shaped frame structure for more support.

The K&F CONCEPT Alpha Backpack is available in a classic, all-purpose grey colorway now for $189.99. Additional stylish colors are coming later this year. And make sure to check out the offers taking place during the Prime Early Access Sale on Amazon, running on October 11 and 12. 

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