The K&F CONCEPT Nano-X PRO series redefines premium results and luxury quality when using filters

(Image credit: K&F CONCEPT)

When you think of luxury in photography, you might think of legendary brands like Leica – but items like lens filters are just utilitarian, purely practical tools that get the job done. Wouldn’t it be nice if the level of quality of your cameras and lenses was extended to your accessories? Well, now it is.

The K&F CONCEPT Nano-X PRO series brings that premium experience to your filters. Want a lens filter worthy of your Leica? Well, these have frames made of 100% brass – just the same as the bodies on the most iconic Leica cameras. The self-lubricating brass frames are effortless to install and offer superior durability, making them convenient and reliable to use in the field.

The glass is precisely engineered and machined to exacting standards, undergoing four high-precision grinding operations within five hours, followed by nine-channel ultrasonic cleaning within three hours, before applying thirty-six layers of nano-coating technology and undergoing twenty-four optical performance tests. 

And the premium quality doesn’t end at the filters themselves; each is protected by a specially designed leather bag, echoing the standards set by the high-end design and machining of every aspect of the filters – including the unique signature code engraved inside each filter.

That’s the kind of quality you can expect from renowned manufacturer K&F CONCEPT, which is trusted by working photographers around the world. For over a decade, K&F CONCEPT has been a global leader in the design, research and manufacture of photo and video equipment, holding over 150 patents and winning the Japanese Digital Camera Grand Prix Gold award for five years running. 

(Image credit: K&F CONCEPT)

Premium quality, premium performance

This meticulous craftsmanship delivers unprecedented levels of performance – and unlike lower quality filters, this is glass that deserves to sit on the front of your lenses that cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. 

And the eight hours of craftsmanship that it takes to produce each glass element is reflected in its performance, with 99.9% transmission, no color shift and no negative effect on image quality. 

Each filter imbues your photographs with a little bit of magic, and tangible texture, whether you’re shooting long-exposure images with the 10-stop ND1000, using the CPL polarizer to cut through the reflections on water or glass, or the ND2-32 to capture incredible video content.

K&F CONCEPT's advanced coating technology lowers reflectivity to just 0.15% while ensuring that transmission remains high, to minimize ghost and glare without affecting color integrity. And thanks to the precision fitting, no vignetting is introduced on telephoto or wide-angle lenses.

Deluxe filters are no good if they don’t last, of course – but the manufacturer is so confident of the durability and reliability of the NANO-X PRO series that it offers ten years of warranty, with an additional five years if registered at the K&F CONCEPT website. For more information, and to purchase:

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