Sci-fi just got real! Display holographic images in your home with Looking Glass

Holographic images were once the realm of science fiction, but now they’re here in real life – and you can have them sitting on your desktop, coffee table or bookshelf at home thanks to Looking Glass Portrait.

This remarkable display innovation truly democratizes holographic imaging-regarded as the future of media, which had previously been the privilege of technologists and Hollywood fantasy,

Far from fantasy, though, Looking Glass Portrait will be your first personal holographic display. You don’t need any specialist knowledge, nor any specialist equipment to create and show off your very own holograms; you can use any DSLR or mirrorless camera to shoot super-realistic holograms. There’s no limit to the amazing visual experience you can realize from people and pets to wildlife and landscapes. 

Looking Glass

(Image credit: Looking Glass Factory)

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t got the first clue about 3D imaging. Looking Glass Portrait makes the whole process simple and straightforward, meaning that everyone from beginners to experts can bring their images to life in three dimensions. You already own the high-quality capture device that you need; Looking Glass Portrait provides you with a bleeding-edge, reference holographic display to complement it. 

Looking Glass

(Image credit: Looking Glass Factory)

We use our phones to capture memories of our loved ones, pets, even our entire lives. Now you can turn those memories on your phone into lifelike holograms that can sit on your desk all day long. 

If your smartphone can take Portrait mode photos, essential depth information is saved automatically, which makes it easy for Looking Glass Portrait to turn that depth map into an emotionally deep hologram. You can even turn most of your 2D photos into 3D files ready for the magic of holograms.

Looking Glass

(Image credit: Looking Glass Factory)

In addition to displaying your images, Looking Glass Portrait also supports holographic video messages with Azure Kinect, RealSense, and iPhones, and you can even play with the technology via interactive holographic apps (built using Unity and Unreal plugins).

Looking Glass

(Image credit: Looking Glass Factory)

The system works in two modes, Desktop (connected to a PC or Mac to act as a holographic second monitor) or Standalone (powered by a Raspberry Pi 4), giving you the flexibility to enjoy your images however you prefer. 

Looking Glass Portrait is radically light in weight and price, starting at just $249 (a discount of $100 RRP), and you can capture realistic light field photos using your camera and a rail available in the Looking Glass Holographic Capture Bundle. 

Find out more about Looking Glass Portrait and place your pre-order on the official website at

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