Meet the ultimate timelapse solution: how Tikee can transform your business


Finding the right timelapse solution for your business can be tricky. Action cameras and even smartphones offer limited timelapse functions, but for professional timelapse footage you need a dedicated device. This is where Tikee comes in.

Tikee, designed by Enlaps, offers the only integrated solutions on the market, whether your business is professional corporate photography, drone photography, showcasing large-scale events, promoting tourist destinations or monitoring construction sites (an area that makes up 70% of the company's client base).

These innovative products are an absolutely autonomous marriage of solar-powered cameras and cloud-connected artificial intelligence-driven algorithms. The result is a completely connected and entirely self-sufficient timelapse solution that delivers professional, reliable results that you can depend on.

What is Tikee?

Boasting a solar panel and high-performance battery, with WiFi or 4G connectivity, Tikee offers an expansive 220° panoramic field of view that's almost double that of conventional action cameras – meaning that you no longer need to compromise your coverage.

For 4K recording, the Tikee 3 offers JPG imaging at minimum intervals of 5 minutes – and the battery can capture up to 6,000 clean, crisp photographs without sunshine thanks to the device's Event mode.

For more flexibility, the Tikee 3 PRO can capture FullHD, 4K and 6K images, with DNG as well as JPG support, and a minimum interval of 30 seconds. Boasting dual wide-angle lenses, two photos are combined for stunning scenic views with crystal clarity. 

In addition, the Tikee 3 PRO boasts a trio of image sending modes, optimizable autonomy with adaptive interval, an Always-On mode with 24/7 synchronization, along with a GPS. 

In terms of pricing, Tikee's solutions are unmatched in the market for the integration and innovation on offer, starting at just $1,299 for the camera. With this technology, professional photographers can become timelapse service providers courtesy of the Enlaps Preferred Partners program.

Interview: The Drone Co in London

What is timelapse for you and for your business?
Timelapse has become a core part of our business since we have been introduced to Enlaps and the Tikee cameras about two years ago, with eighteen Tikees already on the field. It enables us to reach new clients as well as provide an additional service to current clients which we already have within the construction and production industry.

Why did you choose the Tikee solution, and what are the benefits for you and for your clients?
We primarily use our Tikees for construction site surveillance and progress updates. Prior to Tikee the views would be compromised to allow for electrical access, whereas now we can mount a camera pretty much anywhere on site and move them during the construction without having to worry about a loss of power. This means that the final result and video render is far better than more expensive systems, which require power and can't be as adaptable.

What is your favorite point of view? A famous or spectacular place?
We currently have a camera installed in East London, England, which is mounted high across a huge development. It views the ongoing development in the foreground and captures the O2 arena in the background as well as Canary Wharf. It's an impressive viewpoint!

How is it complementary to what you already do?
We provide site updates, which are great for investors to view and create marketing material for a number of industries. The Tikees add another string to the bow, when footage is incorporated into current schemes and developments it brings that extra level of professionalism and quality.

How does the Tikee solution help you to bring value to your clients?
The price for the Tikee solution comes in cheaper than our competitors, so it is an attractive sale for our clients. Due to this reduced cost we are also able to justify setting cameras up for short term projects, such as when key stages of a development are taking place.

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