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GuruShots: winning photographs from the Winter Time contest

GuruShots Winter Time 2
(Image credit: JKW Jerome WySS - Switzerland)

Billed as the world's greatest photo game, GuruShots is an online platform that provides a fun, structured way to showcase your images while gaining global exposure for your work. 

By competing in epic challenges against millions of photographers, you can get instant feedback from over three billion monthly votes and increase your ranking from Newbie to achieve the ultimate status (and bragging rights) of Guru. 

GuruShots' challenges are voted on by the platform's Gurus and the wider community, and there’s a fresh challenge every day. Winners can receive prizes from GuruShots' sponsors such as Adorama, Kodak, Lowepro and Lensbaby. 

'Winter Time' tasked members with submitting their most wonderful winter images, from epic shots of frozen parks to snowy mountains and icy trees. And there were indeed some truly entries, particularly the stunning aerial shot by Majed Alzaabi.

Wildlife also featured heavily, with beautiful dogs and foxes from Ophira Eschinasi-Smet and Tana Mcnab, perching birds by Hichthorne and Zdenek Pachovsky, majestic landscapes by ivanarh81 and Anthony Coubel, and picture postcard wooden cabin shots by Yana Raaga and Oswaldo Marchi.

The 20 highest ranked images were published in Photography Week magazine and we're pleased to showcase these images below, along with the rest of the top 500 featured photographs in the gallery that follows.

Top Photographer (Image credit: Ilpo A Ristimaki - Finland)

Top Photo (Image credit: Mathias Trenkwalder - Austria)

Guru's Top Pick (Image credit: Majed Alzaabi - Kuwait)

#4 (Image credit: Jarmila Szepessyová - Slovak Republic)

#5 (Image credit: Ophira Eschinasi-Smet - Belgium)

#6 (Image credit: Yana Raaga - Latvia)

#7 (Image credit: Zdeněk Janovský - Czechia)

#8 (Image credit: Vit Fikejzl - Czech Republic)

#9 (Image credit: JKW Jerome WySS - Switzerland)

#10 (Image credit: Oswaldo Marchi - Brazil)

#11 (Image credit: Vicki Ray - United States)

#12 (Image credit: Andrii Pozdieiev - Ukraine)

#13 (Image credit: Tomislav Brajkovic - Croatia)

#14 (Image credit: Helene Cornuel - France)

#15 (Image credit: Pavlína Rolincová - Czechia)

#16 (Image credit: Tana Macnab - Canada)

#17 (Image credit: Tim Grešak - Slovenia)

#18 (Image credit: Zdenek Pachovsky - Czechia)

#19 (Image credit: David Hofman - Czechia)

#20 (Image credit: Hichthorne - United Kingdom)

#21 (Image credit: Anthony Coubel - France)

#22 (Image credit: ivanarh81 - Serbia)

#23 (Image credit: Patrice Bonnin - Canada)

Here are the remaining images from the top 500 entries in GuruShots' 'Winter Time' contest – simply click on the arrows to scroll through the full gallery of photos. 

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