The Ulanzi VideoGo Travel Video Tripod’s multi-functional head is ideal for content creators on the go

Ulanzi VideoGo Travel Video Tripod
The VideoGo Travel Video Tripod packs down to just 17.7in / 45cm. (Image credit: Ulanzi)

An ever-increasing appetite for video content has forced both photographers and videographers to become more adaptable than ever before. This has driven demand for more versatile hybrid cameras and lightweight ‘run-and-gun’ rigs, capable of tackling every eventuality, while remaining highly portable. But a setup is only as portable as its bulkiest piece of kit, leaving little room for heavy video tripods and cumbersome heads.

This is where the latest tripod release from Ulanzi comes in. The Ulanzi VideoGo Travel Video Tripod is set to revolutionize video shooting for professional filmmakers and enthusiast vloggers alike. This is thanks to an attractive combination of portability and stability, along with Ulanzi’s proprietary quick-release systems and penchant for innovation.

Fully extend the tripod to reach a maximum height of 55.9in / 142cm. (Image credit: Ulanzi)

Small, light and strong

The Ulanzi VideoGo Travel Video Tripod is constructed from 100% full carbon tube, so it’s lightweight, but stands tall and strong in both indoor and outdoor environments. Each telescopic tripod leg’s five sections retract into an ultra-portable and lightweight package making it the ideal companion for content creators on the go. 

Fully extended, the tripod and center column combine to achieve a maximum height of 55.9in / 142cm. Retracted, the center column and tripod stand at 46.9in / 119cm. Packed down, the tripod measures an impressive 17.7in / 45cm and all told, it weighs less than 3.2lb / 1.45kg. This makes the tripod especially well suited to being attached to the exterior – or even slipped inside – a camera bag, while being effortlessly transported with luggage for overseas projects.

Crucially, the VideoGo Travel Video Tripod’s compact and lightweight build mitigates sacrifices in stability thanks to that tight, carbon fiber construction. This is complemented by the multi-functional tripod head’s 5kg load capacity and an impressive 20kg load capacity for the tripod and center-column locking mechanism.

The Video Multi-Functional Head helps mitigate the need to carry around other heads. (Image credit: Ulanzi)

Seamless versatility

The tripod’s Video Multi-Functional Head represents Ulanzi’s years of experience delivering 600+ products for over five-million photographers and videographers across the world. At its heart is the Half-Bowl Ball Head. This allows it to combine inverted ball head and 2D-video-head functionality with 360-degrees of panoramic rotation into a single, user-friendly design. 

The Video Multi-Functional Head’s versatile attributes are a boon for videographers who are constantly adapting to new shooting scenarios. It frees up room in the kit bag by avoiding the need to carry multiple heads, while streamlining the shooting process via its ability to transition seamlessly between dynamic and static functionality. 

But the tripod’s adaptable attributes don’t stop there. A removable center column allows you to get down low and achieve a minimum shooting height of just 5.5in / 14cm. A built-in screwdriver means you’re never without the ability to maintain your tripod on the fly. And switchable spike pads provide increased stability on soft, outdoor terrain, without having to compromise grip on harder surfaces.

Choose from three quick-release systems: F38, CLAW and Arca-Swiss. (Image credit: Ulanzi)

Multiple quick-release options

A tripod shouldn’t act as a barrier between the content creator and their vision, which is why quick-release technology is a portable-tripod essential. The VideoGo Travel Video Tripod is available in three variants: the widely adopted Arca-Swiss quick-release system and Ulanzi’s own quick-release systems: the F38 and CLAW are designed to streamline the disassembly process, so users can switch from handheld to tripod shooting and vice versa as seamlessly as possible.

The Ulanzi VideoGo Travel Video Tripod will launch on October 12. Early adopters will benefit from the early bird price period that lasts from October 12 to 19, with standard prices to follow. The CLAW version will retail for $279 with an early bird price of $239. The F38 tripod will be priced at $299 or $259 for early bird buyers. And the Arca-Swiss variant will be available for $259, with a reduced early bird MSRP of $219.

So, if you're looking for a video tripod that's smooth, strong and travel-friendly head to the Ulanzi website to find out more.


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