Get a new HP printer with up to 3 years of ink, in Curry’s first ever trade-in offer!

Curry's HP printer trade in

Have you thought about getting a new printer? Maybe you’re already on the lookout for one, but you’re worried about having to stock up on ink. Perhaps you’d love to replace your old one, but you’re conscious about sustainability. 

Well, now is the ideal time to make the jump, as Curry’s is holding its first ever printer trade-in offer. Not only can you trade in your old one for a brand new HP printer that comes with up to three years worth of ink in the box – giving you so much ink that you literally won’t need to worry about it again for years!

This deal is being offered exclusively to customers in-store at your local Curry’s branch. It applies to the HP Smart Tank all-in-one wireless inkjet series – a superb range of powerful printers that come with seriously sized ink tanks to handle whatever you throw at them. 

There’s the entry-level HP Smart Tank Plus 555, which churns through up to 11 prints per minute. Or the top-of-the-range HP Smart Tank 7605, capable of ploughing through as many as 15 prints per minute with automatic double-sided printing to save on paper. 

In fact, the 7605 and other models (such as the HP Smart Tank 7005, which can also blast through 15 prints per minute) are made from recycled electronics. So not only are you helping the environment by trading in an old printer, you’re also being eco-friendly by choosing a printer that boasts Silver certification from EPEAT (the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool).

These printers come with enough ink, included in the box, to produce 2,000 black-and-white pages and 8,000 colour pages – so you can spend your time printing, and you won’t need to think about refilling for a long time to come.

When that time does come, the Smart Tank printers come with an automatic ink sensor that constantly monitors levels – giving you plenty of warning in advance, so there are no nasty surprises. 

They boast a cartridge-free ink system, too. Not only is this another planet-friendly feature, it also means that you can say goodbye to inky fingers thanks to the spill-free resealable bottles. 

Thanks to their brilliant connectivity – including WiFi, Bluetooth and Apple AirPrint – it couldn’t be easier to print pages from your devices. You can print, scan and copy straight from your phone, using the superb HP Smart App. And so long as you're on the same WiFi network, you can print, scan and copy from anywhere!

Simply bring your old printer into your local Curry’s store and take advantage of a £30 saving on your new HP Smart Tank printer. Save money, upgrade your home printer setup sustainably, say goodbye to ink cartridges and wasted paper, and do your part to help the environment! 

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