Project 365: ‘I used a different camera every single day in 2014: here’s what it was like’

Tips for 365 projects

This time of year, many of us start thinking about new year’s resolutions for our photography – or more specifically, we begin looking for interesting photography projects to kickstart our creativity.

Our former colleague and avid photographer, Amy Davies, did this by taking the concept of the 365 project to a whole new level. This time last year she vowed to use a different camera every single day of 2014. She managed to do it. And this is her story…

Low-key lighting: how to use shadows to create moody effects

Low-key lighting: how to use shadows to create moody effects

Low-key lighting is great fun to use on an indoor shoot, and all it requires is a DSLR, a tripod and a table lamp. You’ll also need a suitable subject to capture, of course – in this tutorial we’ve selected the classic ‘apples and pears’ for a still life photography setup.

Taking your first photos this Christmas: 4 ideas to shoot and how to shoot them


If you’re new to photography or if you’ve just upgraded to a new camera – perhaps you’ve bought yourself one in the sales – and taking your first pictures with a camera that gives you more control, you’re probably feeling conflicting emotions. On one hand you’re probably itching to get shooting some of the many picture opportunities that abound at Christmas, but on the other feeling a bit daunted and unsure about what to photograph.