This quick-release travel tripod enables you to go anywhere and shoot anything

Ulanzi F38 Quick Release Travel Tripod
(Image credit: Ulanzi)

There are more demands on travel tripods than ever before. Not only do we want them to be small and light, we also demand that they’re strong and sturdy – and as we’re shooting more video than ever, we need them to be adaptable to videography as well as traditional photography. 

The tripod market is a crowded one, but the Ulanzi F38 Quick Release Travel Tripod has quickly become a standout thanks to its video-oriented features, premium performance and lifetime guarantee. 

(Image credit: Ulanzi)

Convenient features

The company is pushing further and further into the professional category with the launch of the Ulanzi F38 Quick Release Travel Tripod. Ideal for hobbyist vloggers and veteran videographers alike, if you’re somebody who shoots a lot of video on the go then this could very well be the tripod you’ve been waiting for.

Its carbon fiber construction makes it both lighter (by around 30%) and stronger than aluminum tripods, offering more stability for your shots – and it won’t rust, making suitable for even the toughest conditions. 

Thanks to its built-in ball head with F38 quick-release plate, compatible with the Arca-Swiss standard, it can switch quickly and easily between multiple devices – enabling you to take your camera straight from the tripod to your gimbal or body harness in no time. 

(Image credit: Ulanzi)

It offers smooth and flexible panning and tilting for seamless camera moves, with fixed damping providing proper tension for fluent movements. It supports 360° panoramic pan, and -55° to 90° tilt, opening the door to silky smooth videography as well as photography from multiple angles. The gimbal’s dynamic rebound is 1.5kg, with a recommended load of ≤3kg.

The integrated leveling bowl design facilitates extremely fast, one-step camera leveling – enabling you to quickly and completely adapt to a variety of terrain, so you spend less time setting up and more time getting your shot list ticked off.

(Image credit: Ulanzi)

Ultra portability

The tripod collapses to just 370mm and only weighs 1.08kg, yet the low center of gravity design gives supreme stability even supporting its maximum load capacity of 10kg. With the  Ulanzi F38 Quick Release Travel Tripod, you can have the compact size you’ve always wanted without having to sacrifice strength. 

Not only does the tripod offer a Low Mode, for low-angle shooting, it can extend to a maximum height of 159cm with the center column raised, ensuring that you can always get the shot. 

While it packs plenty of advanced technology, the Ulanzi F38 Quick Release Travel Tripod has been designed for maximum ease of use. The Quick-release and anti-touch knobs give you fast, fingertip control over your shooting setup. In addition, the new and upgraded locking structure design enables you to make safe and secure adjustments with a single twist.

(Image credit: Ulanzi)

An expandable system, the tripod has been designed with 1.4” threaded holes so that it can grow as your skills and needs develop. It even comes with a built-in phone holder, enabling you to maximize your shooting possibilities. 

Pre-orders for Ulanzi F38 Quick Release Travel Tripod started on March 17. While the full retail price is $259, pre-ordering will secure you a 15% discount – so if you are looking for the ideal travel companion for both professional and amateur photographers and videographers, head to the Ulanzi website to pre-order today.

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