GuruShots: Winning images from the latest Animals photo challenge

GuruShots - Animals
(Image credit: Luc Bussieres - Canada)

One of the greatest photo games you will ever play,  GuruShots is a super fun and competitive online platform (and app) that provides photographers with not only a place to showcase their images, but a chance to gain unmatched global exposure for their work and bag themselves some prizes and bragging rights in the process. 

There's no harm in a little friendly competition, and Gurushots will allow you to compete in epic challenges and daily battles against millions of photographers worldwide, and you can even become part of a team, too, and take on other groups together while sharing skills and connecting with other photographers. 

The idea of the game is to gradually increase your ranking from a Newbie to a Master, and then finally achieve the ultimate status of becoming a Guru. There are opportunities for your work to be exhibited in a physical gallery, published in magazines, and of course - be featured here on Digital Camera World too. 

With the latest Animals Challenge, we wanted you to embark on a wild adventure and capture the animal kingdom at its very best. Whether you have a poised portrait of a lioness, or an action shot of a squirrel, all animals can make for great subjects if you capture them at the right time. 

It's fascinating to see how other photographers might interpret a photo theme differently from you. The idea of the timed challenges is to enter images that not only fit the brief but are also unique and might give you enough of an edge to earn a Guru Pick from the creator of the challenge and votes from other players.

Winners can be in with the chance to receive prizes from GuruShots' sponsors such as Adorama, Kodak, Lowepro, and Lensbaby. The highest-ranked images from this challenge will be published in PhotoPlus Magazine, and we're pleased to showcase these images below, along with the rest of the top-featured photographs in the gallery that follows. Also, check out GuruShots’ newest app AI Art Master to compete against others with your own AI-generated images.

Top Photographer (Image credit: Ilan Horn - Israel)

Top Photo (Image credit: Frank Werle - Germany)

Guru's Top Pick (Image credit: Federico Gentili - Italy)

#4 (Image credit: Dave Olsen - United States)

#5 (Image credit: Crooked Paw (unnamed) - Canada)

#6 (Image credit: Glen Gebert - Canada)

#7 (Image credit: JustaShot (unnamed) - Australia)

#8 (Image credit: Luca Sharabidze - United States)

#9 (Image credit: Fico C - Costa Rica)

#10 (Image credit: Mike Johnson - Unite States)

#11 (Image credit: Gil Shmueli - Israel)

#12 (Image credit: Luc Bussieres - Canada)

#13 (Image credit: Camille - United States)

#14 (Image credit: Radek Matouš - Czechia)

#15 (Image credit: Roberto - Cuba)

#16 (Image credit: Royce Robison - United States)

#17 (Image credit: Oline Aukrust - Norway)

#18 (Image credit: Valdis Kundziņš - Latvia)

#19 (Image credit: Daniel Veselý - Czechia)

#20 (Image credit: Cynthia Hori - United States)

#21 (Image credit: Saurav Dutta - Germany)

#22 (Image credit: Ryan - Philippines)

#23 (Image credit: Charly Vojin - Canada)

#24 (Image credit: Mark Strain)

Here are the remaining images from the top entries in GuruShots' Animals contest – click on the arrows to scroll through the full gallery of entries.

To find out more about GuruShots, and to sign up and take part in the next exciting challenge, visit

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