A 'New Adventure' celebrated by ViewSonic ColorPro Award 2021 Global Photography Contest

ViewSonic ColorPro Award 2021
(Image credit: Alexandr Isakov)

The winners of the second annual ColorPro Award Global Photography Contest have been announced, with astonishing images ranging from erupting volcanoes to precarious train journeys to the winning image, a game of 'dead goat polo'.

The 2021 ColorPro Award revolved around the theme 'New Adventure', reflecting the uncertain times we live in but the extraordinary opportunities that the unknown affords us. Over 6,500 entries were received from 41 countries, as creators shared their stories of hope, heartbreak and excitement with the vibrant community. For more on this, take a look at the Top 100 Gallery

Founded in 2020 by ViewSonic, which seeks to inspire the world to see the difference and make a difference by providing innovative visual solutions, this year the ColorPro Award invited five of the biggest players in the creative field to cohost the event: Capture One, Shoot The Frame, Monogram Creative Console, Getty Images, and iStock. 

Renowned photographer Dan Rubin served as one of the judges for the contest, and was also in attendance at the award ceremony in London. The top three photos can be seen below, and embody ViewSonic's goal of encouraging people to express themselves through art while engaging with other creators to demonstrate how art can make a difference to the world.

(Image credit: Alain Schroeder)

1st Prize Winner: 
Dead Goat Polo
Alain Schroeder, Belgium

In the village of Uzgen, Osh region, Itin Bietov Jildizbek, a wealthy local man, has organized a massive game of Alaman-Ulak, also known as Dead Goat Polo, to celebrate the 13th birthday of his son Cherniaz. 

More than 170 horses and men wearing the classic Soviet tank hat or a Kyrgyz tebetei hat, push and shove each other with dexterity and endurance in fearless combat as they fight for possession of a young 60 kg bull. 

(Image credit: Zay Yar Lin)

2nd Prize Winner:
Colors of Life
Zay Yar Lin, Myanmar (Burma)
While cruising somewhere across the Atlantic Ocean, a sailor swabs the ship's red deck. 

3rd Prize Winner
Altai's Spirit
Alexandr Isakov, Russian Federation
This picture was taken in the Altai Territory near Kyrsay, in the south of Lake Teletskoye. Locals hunt and fish to survive in the area’s harsh conditions. They believe that Altai's energy changes the spirit of a person, making him or her stronger and more enduring. A young man sitting in a wild field with a faithful friend illustrates a symbol of the Altai’s unconquered spirit.

(Image credit: Alexandr Isakov)

"More than just a contest, the ColorPro Award is an international festival that ignites creative ideas around the globe," said Oscar Lin, General Manager of the Monitor Business Unit at ViewSonic. "It is our firm belief that art is the best way to reveal subtle observations of our surroundings, and the ColorPro Award has provided an open platform for creators to showcase their talents. 

"This year, the ‘New Adventure’ theme resonated deeply with creators, and the number of entries was three times higher than last year. We hope the power of these photographs will inspire people to begin new journeys in their lives."

ViewSonic is hosting exclusive exhibitions across the globe, and invites the public to see the final winning photographs in person. The event is taking place in London until 04 December, before moving to Taipei from 09-12 December. Both talks and workshops are held during the exhibition, encouraging creators to interact and explore creativity with experts in photography. 

For more information, visit the 2021 ColorPro Award website.

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