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Oppo news

(Image credit: Future / Basil Kronfli)

Apple fans were taken aback when the monolith was knocked out of the "big three" camera phone manufacturers by Oppo – the Chinese manufacturer that now holds an 11% market share of the smartphone industry.

Oppo experienced 13% growth over the past year (coinciding with the 15% decline in Apple's iPhone saleds), and analysts expect the company's position to become even stronger over the coming year – particularly in Europe. 

The manufacturer strategically partnered with European carriers during the rollout of the new 5G infrastructure, lining up its dominos for the future despite not having a significant market share in many European markets.

Oppo under-display camera

(Image credit: Oppo)

"For those seeking the perfect, notchless smartphone screen experience – prepare to be amazed," said Oppo VP Brian Shen. "You are taking a very first look at our under-display selfie camera technology."

The boastful exec was showing off the Oppo under-display camera tech, which (if it's like Xiaomi's similar tech, announced to rival Oppo's) features a photosensitive dual-display screen that enables a camera to be recessed beneath the phone screen – without the need for any punch holes or notches.

"At this stage, it's difficult for under-display cameras to match the same results as normal cameras, there's bound to be some loss in optical quality," Shen said in a follow-up. "But, no new technology jumps to perfection right away"…

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