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Smartphone news, camera phone leaks and mobile rumors

Samsung Galaxy news, rumors and leaks

(Image credit: Samsung)

The number one smartphone manufacturer in the world, Samsung is mostly on a roll. The South Korean giant has released the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G and announced the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, a triple-camera powerhouse with a time-of-flight sensor.

The brand has also broken spectacular new ground with the announcement of a 100MP camera phone sensor, the Samsung Isocell Bright HMX, offering remarkable resolution that exceeds all but the most expensive medium format cameras.

Still, we say "mostly" on a roll because there's the not inconsiderable matter of the Galaxy Fold – a high profile black eye not only for the company, but for the perception of folding smartphones as a whole. 

Samsung Galaxy S11

(Samsung Galaxy S10)

(Samsung Galaxy S10)

(Image credit: Future)

While the company's 100MP sensor will for some reason make its debut in a Xiaomi phone, the first Samsung handset to feature the technology will reportedly be the Samsung Galaxy S11

Expected to release in February 2020, the Samsung Galaxy S11 will be the home turf debut of the shiny new sensor – which means that the phone will be capable of capturing 108-megapixel images as well as 6K video.  

In addition, there are reliable rumors that the S11 will also steal a trick from the Oppo Reno 10X Zoom and feature a 10x optical zoom. February is still a long way off, and rumors can be very different from reality, but the Galaxy S11 is looking like the ultimate camera phone right now…

Samsung Galaxy Fold (redux)

(Image credit: Samsung)

After a spectacularly catastrophic launch earlier this year, the mobile giant placed the Samsung Galaxy Fold back in its cocoon – but now it seems to have re-emerged as the beautiful butterfly it was supposed to be, rather than the half-gestated gloopy caterpillar of its last incarnation.

Re-launched at IFA 2019, the Samsung Galaxy Fold is available now in the manufacturer's home territory of South Korea, the Fold will roll out in the US, UK and Europe "in the coming weeks".

Samsung folding / rolling / wraparound phones

(Image credit: WIPO / Samsung)

Clearly not put off by the calamity of the Galaxy Fold, Samsung is looking at all manner of other unconventional designs for smartphones that can be unfolded, unwrapped or unrolled in order to expand the screen size.

Among these designs are a clamshell phone, a phone that unfurls like a roll of parchment, and a phone with a single wraparound screen that covers both sides. of the handset. 

While it would be fun to see these designs materialize in future Samsung camera phones, we're not holding our breath – especially not while the Fold languishes in limbo. 

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