63 free Photoshop Actions for photographers

43. Summer haze

If you're looking for a summertime feeling but can't quite bear the brashness of a light leak, look no further. This action is warm and soft without the overbearing colour effect.

44. My First Action Set

The name may suggest that this pack reeks of amateurism, but there are some extreme effects here that you can no doubt finesse further in Photoshop. Try some of these in your HDR images and reduce opacity for striking clarity...

45. HDR Tools

...and if you'd like your HDR to be ready made, then maybe stick with this. There are various levels of effect too, depending on how severe you'd like the effect.

46. Skin Glow

It's a juggling act to make skin glow without it losing any of its detail. This action toes the line perfectly and can be a great effect for portraits.

47. Pack Actions

These colourful effects feel very Polaroid without being overly generic. They're good for portraits but can give your landscapes a wonderfully sunny feel.

48. Bella Action

This action has a rose gold quality about it and is a good pick for anyone looking to inject a touch of warmth into their photos. It's oft without losing quality and enhances reds and pinks.

49. Wedding Enhancers Kit

If you're a wedding photographer, you're going to want to get your hands on this. White dresses are brightened, idyllic scenery given more vibrancy and a touch of warm is applied in this effect.

50. Burnt Edges

A different kind of vignette, this action can touch black around the edges of your images without creating a circular focus, while reducing your shot to black and white.

51. Quality Photo Effects

These 14 actions contain Red Haze, Action Movie and Retro Camera; there's something for any photo here, and as the name suggests, they're great quality.

52. Colour Grading

Everything you've ever wanted to colour grade is simple to fix with this pack. With a range of classy options too, these make great split tone effects.

53. Creative Portrait

Sort your portraits with this effect pack, which includes adjustments and edits to get the best out of your models. 

54. Mini Fusion

With exposure fixes and simple tints, this action is a simple but useful effect for the more subtle edits that you make in your photos. If you just want to fix tone and inject colour, this is the action for you.

55. Boldness

Clarity in Camera Raw can be too overbearing and High Pass in Photoshop often doesn't do enough. This is a happy medium with controlled contrast and basic vibrance.

56. Ice Action

With so many stunning warm filters, there are fewer top quality cold effects for your images. This is one that can give a beautiful coolness to your images and leave the subjects smouldering - even if they are big cats. 

57. Photoshop Action 2

For a classy, blue-tinted finish, this action is great for portraits and dark images a-like. It tones your shots nicely, with a warm orange injected too for good measure.

58. Vintage Actions

These simple colour filters are fairly basic but fun effects for you to try out. They're great for social media and can switch your tone up nicely.

59. Color 024

One of a wide Color collection from Primaluce, this is our pick: an interesting Action that's useful for both landscapes and portraits.

60. Bright Eyes

They say that the eyes are a window to the soul. Brightening eyes up is a must for any portrait, and this action is great for increasing the vibrancy and exposure without altering the colour.

61. High Definition Sharpening

Keep your photos sharp and clean with this effect; it's equally great for portraits, still life and landscapes, and can deliver a better focus to your images.

62. Retro

You can never have too many retro actions; this one is capable of an almost burned feel and gives an almost 70s vintage with its brown tint. 

63. Action 11

If you like your retro effect with a touch of bright saturation, this is the one for you. Pinks are supercharged here, while a soft fade illuminates the rest of your image.

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