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Best free Lightroom presets in 2020: 65 presets for portraits, landscapes and more

46. Orange & Teal

You probably don't even need to download these presets to guess what they do to your images. The teal-and-orange look is a popular cinematic look, with the opposite color wheel tones nicely perfectly complementing one another, and these are great effects to add to images with both cold and warm tones. 

Download Orange & Teal

47. Vintage Lightroom presets

You can never have enough vintage presets, right? This pack contains everything from blue-toned, misty effects, to light leak-infused options, and you get the Classic ii and Misty Lightroom preset options for free. 

Download Vintage Lightroom presets

48. Cross Processing

The problem with so many cross-process filters – we're looking at you, Instagram – is that the effect can reduce the blacks in your image to shocking purple. This is one of the classier presets out there, and capable of really subtle effects.   

Download Cross Processing

49. CosmicDancer

If you're looking for a little something to give you some added clarity, to tone up your images and keep them looking bold and impactful, this strong but subtle free Lightroom preset is the one for you. 

Download CosmicDancer

50. HDR preset

HDR is one of those looks that divides people. Some find it slightly gimmicky, while others love the effect. This is a preset that can surely please both sides of the debate, though, with its subtle toning and simple color boosting. 

Download HDR preset

51. Intense Warm

Intense Warm does exactly what you might expect it to, but the great thing about it is that it retains a sense of subtlety that can easily get lost in a vibrant, slightly orange image. This is a great start point for a thorough, summery edit.  

Download Intense Warm

52. Summer Breeze LR pack

This pack, which contains Beach Vintage, Light of Dawn, Pop Sunshine and Sun Glare options, provides idyllic summer effects. With added warmth and soft glow, these are ideal for your sunshine shots. 

Download Summer Breeze LR pack 

53. Instant Hipster

Vintage culture has brought back some pretty filters from the depths of instant cameras, and this pack of presets has some great options for turning your shots retro. These ones are based on actual Instagram filters, too.

Download Instant Hipster

54. Ciné Color

(Image credit: Preset Pro)

Who doesn't love a cinematic look? This preset lifts shadows for a more even exposure, injects magenta tones into your shadows and gives your cyans a dramatic turquoise treatment. Download Ciné Color to experiment with cinematic looks for your photos. 

Download Ciné Color

55. Free Lightroom presets for Fujifilm cameras

If you're a Fujifilm fanatic, then these presets are fantastic! These presets are especially designed for Fujifilm X-Series cameras, but they're also more than happy being used on images from other cameras.

Download Free Lightroom presets for Fujifilm cameras

56. We Eat Together Food photography presets

These are not just any old presets: food always looks more appetising with a little contrast, vibrance and clarity applied, and these presets are good for making the scrumptious look truly mouthwatering.

Download We Eat Together Food photography presets 

57. Moody

(Image credit: Retouching Blog)

While bright and colorful presets will always have their place, sometimes we all crave something a bit moodier and more dramatic. The suitably titled Moody preset ticks both of those boxes. Lifted blacks perfectly complement the heavy shadows, while the desaturated colors give you a fantastic vintage-inspired effect.

Download Moody

58. Spring

If the summer presets are a little too warm for your tastes and the colder tones aren't quite cutting it, you'll appreciate the middle ground offered by this preset. It's soft and bright, with just a touch of extra colour.

Download Spring

59. Matt Kloskowski's Spotlight presets 

Vignettes can be difficult features to control, but luckily Matt Kloskowski has just about perfected them. These presets on the ON1 site add color and warmth, and focus in on the center of your photo.

Download Matt Kloskowski's Spotlight presets

60. Shotkit bundle

This bundle of 25 presets includes a handful that aim to replicate some of the most popular and well loved film emulsions, such as Agfachrome RSX II 200 and Kodak Ektacolor Pro 160. Definitely one to check out if you love old film stock.

Download Shotkit bundle 

61. PHLearn sample pack

This sample pack has some beautiful effects for you to try, including one of our favourites – a light, airy, Bombay Sapphire preset that lends your images a blue tint. Well worth delving into to add some creative flair to your shots.

Download PHLearn sample pack

62. Car presets bundle

Every motor enthusiast likes their car to look clean, sharp and smooth when they're out and about, and these 10 presets will help make your car look even brighter, crisper and more toned than it does in reality.

Download Car presets bundle 

63. Summer Breeze

Not to be confused with the earlier Summer Breeze LR collection at number 52, this is another pack of presets that are also warm, hazy and perfect for beach shots. If you're looking for a color boost, both are worth downloading.

Download Summer Breeze 

64. Traveler

(Image credit: Filter Look)

Sometimes less is more. With no significant adjustments to exposure, this preset doesn't dramatically change your image, it just subtly enhances the colors for a bigger impact on your viewer. Download and enjoy the colorful effect! 

Download Traveler

65. UltraPOP

Color-pumping presets can be a bit hit and miss, but this pack of 20 presets offers a nice balance. Used with consideration, UltraPOP can add a punch of color that really enhances your creative shots without making them too overpowering. 

Download UltraPOP

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