63 free Lightroom presets: The best presets for portraits, landscapes and more

40. Hollywood presets

If it's glamour you're seeking, these presets are the ones for you. With gorgeous toning in a range of styles, you'll feel like a Hollywood superstar in no time. The paid-for Pro version contains 70 presets in total, but you can grab two for free to start you off.

41. Cold Fact 

So with all these beautifully warm, summery presets, you're probably wondering where the cold ones are, right? Look no further. This one's subtly bluer without plunging you into the middle of December.

42. Urban Presets

If you're not really looking for HDR but seeking a clarity-boosting preset, this might be the one for you. This grungy urban preset does a great job of making the gritty pretty.

43. Spring

If the summer presets are a little too warm for your tastes and the colder tones aren't cutting it, you'll like this middle ground. It's soft and bright, with just a touch of extra colour.

44. Voodoo Lounge

The Voodoo Lounge preset allows you to tone your image subtly and add a splash of extra colour without it ending up too saturated. It's a nice option for city images you don't want to make too summery.

45. Rockwell Warm

Rockwell Warm isn't the warmest preset on the list. In fact, it washes out your colours a little in favour of injecting a little more detail into the image. It's a nice alternative to HDR, but still looks cinematic.

46. Matt Kloskowski's Spotlight presets 

Vignettes can be difficult things to control. Luckily, Matt Kloskowski has perfected them. These presets on the ON1 site add colour and warmth, and focus on the centre of your photo.

47. Light Leak presets

If Matt's vignettes aren't your thing, maybe you're looking for brighter shades in the corners and edges of your shots? These light leak presets are lovely for a splash of colour in your images, and look great in a bright, summery scene.

48. Dark Presets

Brightness is all well and good but sometimes it needs toning down. That's where these 10 darker presets come in. Great for dramatic scenes, but also a necessary tool in tone control.

49. Greater Than Gatsby

Perfect for beginners and professionals alike, this set of effects is lifted from a range of Greater Than Gatsby's presets, with the slant towards soft-focus portraits, weddings and shots of kids.

50. Red Dawn I

Straight from another planet, the Red Dawn I preset might look like something you saw in The Martian, but you may find it to be a cool novelty effect for your landscapes too.

51. Shotkit bundle

This bundle of 25 presets include a handful that aim to replicate popular film emulsions such as Agfachrome RSX II 200 and Kodak Ektacolor Pro 160.

52. BeArt presets

Available on the Adobe website, the BeArt collection is great for beginners but it also contains some great effects that enthusiasts might want to call upon from time to time. 

 53. PHLearn sample pack

This sample pack has some beautiful effects for you to try, including a nice preset that lends you images a blue tint. Well worth delving into.

54. Car presets bundle

Every motor enthusiast likes their car to look clean, sharp and smooth when they're out and about, and these 10 presets will help make your car look even brighter, crisper and more toned than it does in reality.

55. Forgiveness X100

This presets seeks to "add a little bit of moody drama to landscape," with the results not quite black and white but with a similar intensity.

56. Summer Breeze

Not to be confused with the earlier Summer Breeze collection at number 25, this is another pack of presets that are also warm, hazy and perfect for beach shots. If you're looking for a colour boost, both are worth downloading.

57. Moscow

This is a classy tonal fix for all kinds of pictures, but it works especially well to inject extra warmth into portraits.

A great option for high-key pictures, these presets accentuate detail and turn your image to black and white for a cool finish.

59. Valley Isle sampler

These presets give a peach-like colour while softening your picture. They don't wash out your photos but can brighten them up nicely.

60. Trey's Lightroom Presets - Starter pack

These beautiful presets can up the yellows, tweak the blues and give a beautiful glow to your images. They're great for bright pictures, but can be used to intensify dark ones too.

61 Sleeklens starter pack 

This starter pack contains some good basic presets for adding colour and details to your photos, and it's a particularly good option for beginners.

62. Silky Sampler

This collection of presets is versatile, classy and easy to use. There's a black-and-white preset included but most of them give subtle vintage effects. 

63. Polar PX - Rough

This effect gives you worn, vintage brown overlays to your pictures, without losing any colour. They're great for grunge effects and work with any photo.

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